How to Choose the Perfect Lunchbox: 5 Important Factors

How to Choose the Perfect Lunchbox: 5 Important Factors

Lunch is an important meal, especially for school-going children or working parents who may not have time to make and eat a good breakfast. Lunch offers the perfect way to refuel the body and there is no better way of doing so than with a homemade meal. If you want to save money and maintain a good and healthy diet, you should consider carrying a homemade meal to school or work. To do this, you will need the perfect lunchbox set for you and your kids.

But not all lunch boxes are made the same. To help you make a well-guided purchase, here are some factors you might need to consider when buying a lunchbox.

1. Insulation Capabilities

Several foods and drinks require insulation. Meals that contain raw veggies, meat, and dairy may not be safe to consume if they aren’t kept cool during the day. Additionally, if you want to keep beverages such as tea or coffee hot, you must find a lunch bag with the best insulation.

Since schools may not have microwaves available for the kids to warm their food, it is vital to choose a bag with high-quality insulation that will keep food safe, fresh and also maintain its temperature.

You can also find different kinds of insulated food bags in the market. Depending on your food choices, the best bag should be able to preserve your food until it’s time to eat.

2. Easy to Clean

To prevent the buildup of bacteria and food poisoning, it is essential that you thoroughly clean the lunchbox every day. This means that your ideal lunchbox should be easy to clean.

If you are using a combination of a lunchbox and bag, you need to ensure that the bag is also easy to clean. Some bags have fabrics that may make it difficult for you to clean, especially if you are using them daily.

To ensure food safety, choose a material such as plastic that is easy to clean. Note that several lunch boxes and bags are not dishwasher safe, while some are only safe if placed on the top shelf. Therefore, remember to check if the lunchbox is dishwasher safe. If not, simply wash them with soap and water. If you are using a cooler bag, buy one that you can pop in the washing machine or simply wipe it down.

3. LeakProof and Airtight

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a lunchbox. You do not want to spill liquids in your bag or all over your food. Therefore, if you love sauces, stews, and hot soup, ensure that the lunchbox and bag will keep the food containers straight.

Also, when choosing a lunch set, ensure that the bottle and the bottle compartment are leakproof. This way, your bag, and food will remain clean and uncompromised.

Your preferred lunchbox should also be airtight. Some lunchboxes have a rubber coating on a tight latch that helps keep the food completely secure. Boxed packaged goods remain fresh for the whole day.

4. Multiple Compartments

The best lunchbox should have several sections in it. You are going to be packing several food items in the box or bag; you want a box that makes packing food very easy and neat.

For example, suppose you prefer to eat only sandwiches, fruit and a piece of cake for dessert. In that case, you want a lunchbox that has several compartments, where the sandwiches can fit in perfectly without cutting them into smaller pieces, and one that also allows you to pack each food item separately.

A lunchbox with multiple compartments prevents food items from mixing up and also allows you to pack several items at the same time. These types of lunch boxes are ideal for kids. If you are using a bag, buy smaller containers that can fit in the various compartments. Multiple compartments also make packing food fast and easy.

5. Does It Fit Into Your Lunch Bag

The size of the lunchbox set you choose depends on how much food you want to pack. So, if you’re going to pack a midday snack, lunch, and evening snack, you have to choose a box or bag that is large enough to fit all the food items you want to pack.

Lunch Boxes come in a variety of sizes. It is the ideal size for a school-going kid and a grown-up. To minimize food wastage, choose a box that will accommodate only the necessary food items you need and will also fit well inside your lunch bag.

If you or your child eats breakfast at home and will make it back in time for an evening snack, a smaller container will be enough. The bottle should also match your water intake. If you or your child takes a lot of water during the day and has no access to clean drinking water, choose a lunchbox set with a bigger bottle.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lunch Bag 

Is It Safe to Use

Since you will be filling the box or bag with food, you need to ensure that it is made from non-toxic materials. The material you choose cannot leach harmful chemicals into the food. If the container is made from plastic, check to ensure that it is BPA-free. 

Factor In the Cutlery Too

You may also want to consider the availability of cutlery. Some lunchboxes include easy-to-clean plastic cutlery, and this will save you the hassle of packing forks and spoons with your lunch.

Such boxes have separate spaces for packing the cutlery. This makes it easy to carry and you will not have to worry about forgetting to pack cutlery.

Lastly, it is also ideal to consider your budget when shopping for a lunchbox. To get value for money, choose a lunchbox that can last for at least one year or more.

Use These Tips to Choose the Perfect Lunchbox

Choosing the perfect lunchbox is essential. You do not want one that is too small, too big, or one that does not allow you to pack your food safely. To find the perfect lunchbox, consider these factors listed above, including the kind of food you’ll be carrying in your lunchbox.

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