Best Folk Singers of Rajasthan Who Are On the Top in Rajasthani Singers Name List


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Best Folk Singers of Rajasthan Who Are On the Top in Rajasthani Singers Name List

India is the only country in this world where people of different religions stay together. Each and every culture uses a different language to communicate with each other. Even their way of dressing up is also distinct. For example, Muslim women wear burkha, Hindu women wear sarees, Punjabi women wear suits. The state of Rajasthan of India is a place whose citizens are truly attached to their classical roots. Even the folk singers of rajasthan represent the same vibes while their singing session.

No doubt, there are a lot of rajasthani folk singers, but some of them are very popular. If someone starts discussing about rajasthani singer, then Illa Arjun will be the first name that would strike in your mind, isn’t it? She is one of the best rajasthani folk singers who has been awarded so many music awards so far. Let’s move forward to the rajasthani folk singers name list:

Ila Arun:

If we talk about rajasthan singer, Ila Arun is on the top of the list. While being a folk singer, she is an actress as well. Ila is a famous Indian actress. She is famous for her heavy and imposing voice. Ila was born in 1979. Moreover, she is one of the best actresses in Indian cinema which is why she is very popular in Indian Cinematography.

Ila Arun

Apart from music and movie, illa has also worked in south Indian movies. She has sung songs in different languages such as hindi, tamil, telugu. The most popular song of Ila till date is “Choli Ke Piche” from the movie “Khalnayak”. However this was not only a popular song of her, there is a long list of her famous rajasthani songs. Such as, “Gup Chup” from the movie “Karan Arjun”, “Morni Baga Ma Bole” from the movie “Lamhe”, “Muthu Muthu Mazhai” from the Tamil movie “Mr. Romeo”. No doubt, there are her popular single albums as well. “Vote for Ghagra” is one of her best singletrack.

Mame Khan:

Mame khan is one of the rajasthani top singers. There are a lot of rajasthani super hit songs given by him. He is born and brought up from a small village Satto near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.  He started singing from his childhood. Mame was so much interested in folk music at small age. That is why he planned to make his career in folk music.

Mame Khan

There are a lot of Bollywood movies in which mame has worked as a playback singer. Some of the popular Bollywood movies in which he has given his singing contribution are as follows: I Am, No One Killed Jessica, Luck By Chance, Sonchiriya, and Mirzya.

Swaroop Khan:

Swaroop Khan is one of the top folk singers of rajasthan. He participated in Indian Idol and got fame from this show. Moreover, he was one of the 10 contestants of the show Indian Idol. After coming out of the show, he got so many offers from Bollywood. That is why there are a lot of Bollywood songs sung by this rajasthani singer.

Swaroop Khan


Let’s go through his famous rajasthani songs of swaroop khan:

  • “Ghoomar” from the movie Padmaavat
  • “Tharki Chokro” from the movie PK
  • “Bahut Hua Samman” from the movie Mukkabaaz
  • the title track of the movie Emotional Atyachar

Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan:

Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan both are very talented rajasthani folk singers. Sarwar khan is only 12 years old kid on the other hand Sartaj khan is 11 years old. They belong to a very small village of Jaisalmer. They both are the youngest in rajasthani folk singers’ name list. Both of them started singing in a reality show and from that show they started achieving fame. “Rajasthani Boys” was the name which they get from this reality show.

Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan

The life of these children changed when they got the proposal of singing a song in Aamir khan stared movie named “Dangal”. You must have heard this popular song “Haanikaarak Bapu”. The movie was released in 2016. After singing this track these youngsters have ended up being public enormous names.

Allah Jilai Bai:

Allah Jilai Bai

Allah Jilai Bai was one of the most famous folk singers of rajasthan. She was born in the small village of rajasthan in 1902 and passes away in 1992. People listen to her songs till now. At the age of 10, she started singing. Slowly she became famous across the nation. During ’60s and 70’s Allah Jilai Bai became a very famous singer. At a very young age, she was addicted to music because of her upbringing in a singer family.


There are huge folk singers of rajasthan who have contributed a lot of beautiful rajasthani songs list. Above we have mentioned some of the top rajasthani folk singers. If you are also a big fan of rajasthani songs then this article will help you in adding the best songs to your playlist. We will keep updating more names in the rajasthani top singers list. Stay Updated!!


Who Are On the Top in Rajasthani Singers Name List?

Ila Arun

Allah Jilai Bai

Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan

Allah Jilai Bai

Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan

Swaroop Khan

Mame Khan

Rapperiya Baalam

Is Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan are real brothers?

No, they are not real brothers.
Which are the most popular songs of Allah Jilai Bai?

Kesariya Balam


Ghoomar Ramva

From which movie Sartaj Khan and Sarwar Khan get fame?


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