Home Exterior Improvement Tips and Tricks

Home Exterior Improvement Tips and Tricks

Home exteriors are as important as home interiors. They are the ones that present the first impression to the visitors and are also where you spend your sunny days. An unmaintained and dirty outdoor space is not only bad for the aesthetics of the house but can also pose serious issues which can end up damaging the place. Therefore, home exterior improvement projects become especially important in ensuring the safety of you and everyone else who lives in the place. We have compiled a list of home improvement ideas you can undertake to ensure that your home looks as beautiful on the outside as it is inside, and remains a safe place for you to live in.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning should be on top of your home exterior improvement projects, as it is not only essential for your houses’ safety and health but also for yours. Dirty gutters can pose multiple problems that can, in the worst case, lead to the collapse of your home. One of the key issues faced due to clogged gutters is roof leaks and increased chances of rodent and pest infestation. This happens when the water gets clogged due to debris and other materials not being cleaned away from the gutters.

This leads the water to become stagnant as it is unable to flow down the system. The stagnant water becomes a habitable environment for pests and rodents and can seep through your roof and cause ceiling drips. Besides this, you might also get the problem of mildew and moss growing around your house. This happens when the water starts seeping into your walls from the ceiling, creating a habitable environment for these invasive species.

Another, slightly worse problem, that can occur is that the water is not being drained far away from the house. This causes the water to seep into the foundation of the soil. This can cause it to start shifting and can cause multiple cracks in the walls. Worst case scenario is that your house will collapse because of these cracks. It is better to get professionals involved and take care of your gutters before it is too late. To contact gutter cleaning professionals, click here.

Back Garden

Another important home exterior improvement project you should focus on is, back gardens can become your safe space easily- if taken care of. Landscaping in your back garden is an important part of this process. The first thing you should do before you start planning the placement of plants and flowers is to figure out the amount of sunlight the garden gets. To do this, observe your backyard and make a note of areas receiving sunlight during the day, noon, and the evening.

This will help you plan what kind of plants you want to install. If your backyard does not get a lot of sunlight, you can always grow indoor plants in it. Use plant pots to do so, so that you can bring these plants inside during the sunnier months.

Another important part of the plan is the layout. Make sure your layout harmonizes with the kind of sunlight and plants you are including. It is always better to go with your local plants as this ensures that they survive despite the changing weather conditions. You can add other features to your back garden- like a fireplace if you live in cooler temperatures. On the other hand, if you live in warmer conditions, consider getting a water feature installed. This will make the air around your backyard fresher as the water feature increases the negative ions in the air, eliminating some pollution.

Replace the front door

The front door is the first place that your visitors will arrive. Other than that, the front door plays a significant role in protecting your home exterior. It is, therefore, extremely important that your front door not only looks good. But is sturdy enough to protect your house. Usually, wood is used to make the doors. However, if you are looking to entirely replace the front door, think of other materials- such as Composite doors or UPVC doors. They are sturdier and safer than wooden doors- however, they are also costlier. If you need thermal heat protection, you can also go for aluminum doors. It is also important to note that while aluminum doors last a longer period. Moreover, they are also easy to stain.

Composite doors, on the other hand, last over 50 years, easily. They are flexible enough that they can be made to look like wooden doors. They are covered in glass-reinforced plastic, which can be made into any color of your choosing. It totally depends on the supplier.

If you are just looking to refresh the look of your front door and would not like to replace it, you can just paint it a fresh coat. Green and blue are some popular colors but you can choose according to your aesthetic. Add some potted plants around, and it makes for the perfect entrance!

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