Codfreezone: How to Get Free Cod Points from

Codfreezone: How to Get Free Cod Points from


The whole world has gone digital now. From food to medicines everything is available online. Even bank accounts can be accessed remotely. Therefore online gaming is at boom these days. Online gaming has changed pretty much every part of our lifestyle. Because gaming keeps a child involved with family members. It does not matter whether it is an indoor game or an outdoor game. However, everybody follows their own favorite method of amusement. Some people entertain themselves by playing cricket, football or other sports. On the other hand, some people like to play online games. Codfreezone is also a video game.

This game has gained so much popularity in recent years. Huge game lovers visit this website every day to play games. That is why I thought to write an article on I will explain little things related to cod free So, keep reading the article up to the end.

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What is is an online fighting game. Basically, it is a battle game, where you meet so many strangers and you can play cod with them. So many players across the world play this battle game and compete with each other to reach the final level of the game. The one who wins becomes an extreme gamer. The game is also known as COD which means “Call of Duty”. This is a first-person shooter game in the video version. The game was released on the 29th of October, 2003. The developer of the game is Infinity ward. Infinity Ward is a famous video game developing company. It is a totally free game, therefore you don’t need to download any software in order to play this game.

Once your account is registered on, you can play your favorite video game without thinking about any payable amount. Both iOS and Android users can play Codfreezone on their devices. But, to win this battle you need free cod points.

The best part is, that anyone who is interested in playing online games without paying for them, can play easily. There are so many such features of, let’s have a look at all of them in brief. free cod points

Features of

  • The website is totally free to use. You don’t need to pay out any kind of amount here
  • There is no limit on earning COD points. Such as the number of points per day. Endless points can be earned.
  • The user interface of this game is amazing
  • The game is easy to play. Even a new user can play this game easily
  • This is an entertaining game. Users of any age group can play this game. Moreover, the game is free to play.
  • The registration process is very simple and easy. There is no requirement of signing up before starting to play on
  • It will never ask you to add your bank account information such as debit card or the credit card of players. It clearly means that you do not need to pay any kind of amount to play the game

Why Accessible Points are needed?

There are huge games that you can play on this website. But, each game needs free cod points to play it. Using these points you can play the game easily. However, the minimum amount of points necessary to play the game is 500 COD points. This clearly means that anyhow you have to earn these points. You can no longer play Codfreezone until you earn the minimum amount of points from

That is why it is absolutely necessary to earn coins before you start moving toward playing the game. free cod points

How to Earn Free COD Points?

  • The very first step is to visit website. On the right-hand side in the top corner, there is a Play button. You have to click on this button. Once you click on the play button, it will redirect you to a page where you will explore so many games and can play them. But, as already you need COD points to play it.
  • To earn points you need to create an account here. If you are an existing user then you can log in by entering your username and password.
  • Ensure that you have high-speed internet. At this initial stage, you can start by playing an easy game for example chess. It can be easily played on a normal speed internet. If you have a wi-fi connection, then your experience is going to be amazing. Now click on the play button.
  • Once the game is loaded onto your device screen, you just need to click on the “Earn COD Points” tab. It will redirect you to a new screen. Here you will see a lot of tasks that, after completing them you will get COD points. Each task has a different number of points.
  • Now if you have completed any task, click on the done button appearing below the task in. Now you will be redirected to the game page. Here you can save your earned point which you can use to play Codfreezone.
  • Keep earning the points as long as you wish to earn. There is no limit settled by to earn free cod points. You can earn as much as you wish.

Benefits of cod free

  • The very first benefit is that game is totally free to play. These days most popular video games charge huge amounts from their customers if they wish to play them. Moreover, totally safe to use as a login is required. You can keep your account secure by using a hard password.
  • You can play with any player across the world who is available to play when you log in to the game.
  • The game can be played on mobile phones as well.
  • Another amazing advantage is that registration is totally free. You can create an account on Codfreezone without paying any registration points. Because most of the free tools are scammers these days. Therefore you must be in doubt, about whether to use this tool or not. Furthermore, we will share reviews. After reading the reviews you can have an idea whether you should use cod free zone or not.

Is Legal or a Scam?

Every new user will be having a question in their mind i.e. Legal or a Scam? Fortunately, the answer is No. No Codfreezone this is not a scam. This website is totally safe to use. However, they are providing free cod points that do not mean they are scamming you.

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This is a genuine website from where you can earn free cod points. You can redeem them and play the game to entertain yourself. You will not face any error while gaining free points or while using them during the game. reviews are amazing. All reviews are positive. Ultimately, this is a free website serving its users free points.


Is codefreezone a free website?

Yes, this website is totally free to use.

How many points can be earned from

There is no limit on earning free cod points. You can earn infinity points from here.

Do I need to create an account for codfreezone games?

Yes absolutely, it is a must to create codfree account in order to play games.

Is link safe to visit or not?

Don’t worry this website is 100% secure to use.


We have discussed a website i.e. Codfreezone is an online fighting game. Both iOS and Android users can play Codfreezone on their devices. But, to win this battle you need free cod points. We have mentioned various benefits, features, and steps to earn points easily. I Hope, we succeed in proving all the information related to the cod free zone.

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