Best Tools For Content Marketing

Best Tools For Content Marketing

Almost 88 percent of B2B marketers include content marketing in their marketing strategy. It is because content marketing provides enormous value to brands that traditional marketing won’t be able to do it. Moreover, it costs less than traditional marketing and generates as many leads as possible.

In this blog, Active Seo Shield has compiled the significant tools for content marketing that will boost your content and lets you generate high-quality leads.


You can examine topics and look for influencers with the help of BuzzSumo. It is appropriate for selecting the accurate topic you should write about.  It also helps you in finding influencers in your industry that will help you in marketing your content. You can obtain insights into most shared content across all social networks and analyze reports accordingly. Furthermore, you can find influencers from any area and can plan influencer outreach from there. It is also valuable to find an appropriate tool for guest posting and Link building strategy.


Kred is the best tool for online marketing when you want to measure your online influence. You need to find and connect with influencers who intensify your message on social media. You can measure your influence by analyzing Facebook and Twitter activity to reach out to influencers that are going to impact your businesses the most.  It is the perfect content marketing tool that helps in building credibility and trust in the market.


Do you feel something missing in your recent blog posts? Do you want to make it creative? Well, you can do it by sharing high-quality images through canva along with the content to make people actually click it. It comes with pre-built templates and layouts which saves much time in creating images. You can use these canva-made images in social media to obtain more online exposure.


When your content is not grammatically appropriate and has a lot of spelling mistakes, users will not be able to trust your site for obtaining information, no matter how hard you work to market your content. However, when you have Grammarly, you will be able to proofread your content before posting it. It catches any grammar or spelling mistakes quickly. Thus, it is the best content marketing tool of all and also helps in providing quality content for your guest posting service and Link building.


Ahrefs helps in tracking your competitors as well as keep an eye on your progress in content. It helps in tracking mobile ranking, location per website, keywords, update frequency, and more. Hence, you can research before writing your Guest posting content for Link building strategy. You will get a piece of updated information from Ahrefs as it crawls 5 billion web pages regularly.


Email marketing has remained on the top list of content marketing strategies. Since it is part of your online marketing, MailChimp helps in doing the job for you. It accesses your dashboard from both your mobile and desktop. Among other features, the most favorable one is building an email list of your subscribers and helps in tracking them. You can also generate Link building via email marketing.

Therefore, these tools are best for creating content both for your website and your guest posting service.

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