5 Mobile Apps to Help Improve Your Writing Skills

5 Mobile Apps to Help Improve Your Writing Skills

Pencil, papers, eraser, and a flat desk – these are all that we had before when we were writing in school; no laptops, no google sheets, no word count tool or grammar tools. Hand wears a bit, destroys your handwriting, and suddenly infuriates your mind and make you forget about every idea that comes fresh in your brain. Writing old-school had been dreadful when we were kids.

Now that technology has enhanced over time, gadgets and all sorts of online and digital materials are helping us achieve good outputs for school and work. This includes audio and visual presentations, reports and requests, and other written articles that are being sent online or in a shared server provided by your teacher or boss.

The ongoing advent had made us into thinking machines. The ideas that we were revolting about because of our slow writing hands can now be put into any form just by typing and clicking buttons on the screen. And when mobile phones made office tools available, it stretched the whole learning and business community.

Having these hand-held devices is the best advantage whenever you are writing. It gives you the freedom in where, when, and how to write articles as the mobility suits your flexibility and preferences. Not only you’ll get the chance to witness amazing moments and capture them, but you’ll also get the chance to write them. And if you’re lucky, you can interview almost anyone around you about it.

But with all these advancements, there should come a time when you get used to these applications and should, therefore, benefit you as a writer. Giving the perfect timing to use mobile writing applications can help you challenge yourself and deal with progress along time.

Here are the best mobile applications to improve your writing skills:

1. Grammarly Keyboard

Now, this is not new to anyone, but having the best grammar app on your phone, in the form of a keyboard, can result in the best things that readers have ever read. Grammarly introduced this keyboard add-on just a couple of years ago and is helping every user become confident whenever they send messages and most importantly, articles.

Available on: iOS and Android

Free: Yes

2. Plagiarism Checker

Hold your horses – it’s not an article if everyone thinks you did not make it. Sometimes, the worst enemy of your write-ups are the words themselves, and giving yourself a good detector can rid you of it. Plagiarism Checker checks your article if some parts or phrases are stolen, or are most likely to be the same without you even knowing it.

Available on: iOS and Android

Free: Yes

3. Word Count Camera

When you write your heart out, sometimes all the words are just too precious to dispose of. However, if you need some cutting off to do, this word count tool can guide you in making your articles brief and concise, depending on the demand given to you.

The fascinating catch is that it requires a camera, so you will be able to capture articles in digital or even in writing, then comes the word counting.

Available on: Android

Free: Yes

4. MS Word

If you can’t find your way out of these new applications, maybe this classic will. The Microsoft Word mobile application is a pleasure to most of the users who have been living in the comfort of their computers, specifically in Windows.

MS Word mobile is just the smaller version of the PC tool, and it almost goes with anything that you are looking for when writing – creating write-ups on a clean white sheet, reviewing works, and editing them.

Available on: iOS and Android

Free: Yes

5. Werdsmith

This modern take on writing is just amazing. Although available only in Apple products, this mobile tool can be synced into your Apple watch to track the number of words. In addition to that, Werdsmith allows you to make a sort of outline with the help of its Idea feature.

Available on: iOS

Free: Yes, but with in-app purchases such as memberships


Having the best writing applications that can be found online helps a lot in the pace of the modern world. It may be in projects in schools and business firms, or maybe just when you like writing. One thing that separates these advancements from the traditional way of writing is speed. This indicates the productivity of the writer.

But depending too much on these applications can affect your way of thinking and just might make you a little bit indolent. Be sure to also read books or participate in traditional writing workshops. These will also enlighten you on how writing has become what it is today.

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