4 Options For When You Need To Meet A Client

4 Options For When You Need To Meet A Client

For many businesses, meeting with clients is a vital part of their operation. But if not conducted well, they can cause serious damage to the business’s relationships and reputation. A big factor in this success is the venue in which the meeting takes place.

The most obvious option is your offices or if you are confident that it can project a professional enough image, your home. If you have business premises that are professional and inviting and offer the space and amenities needed for your client to be comfortable, your office could be the best place to meet and give clients a closer look at your operation. Of course, not all businesses are able to afford their own offices in the early stages.

Here are four options to consider when planning a meeting with a client.

The client’s offices or home

Making the effort to visit your client at their offices or even in their own home can send a very positive message, i.e., you value them enough not to cause them any inconvenience. It can also show that you have a genuine interest in them or their business and want to understand them fully. This should help you to deliver a higher quality of service. Of course, these meetings may not be appropriate for all types of business, and the client may not want visitors to their home or premises.

A café or restaurant

If you are providing a consultative service that is not confidential in nature, then meeting in a quiet café or restaurant could be a great plan. These meetings tend to be more informal in nature and invite more open discussion, especially if you decide to share food as you talk. It is important to choose your venue carefully as you do not want to be shouting over the table to be heard or to feel that every word you say is being broadcast to everyone in the room. It needs to be in a convenient location for both of you. If you are planning on eating, be sure to check any dietary requirements the client might have to avoid embarrassment.

Hired offices or co-working space

If you are not able to invite your client to your office or home or visit them at their premises, renting an office for an hour or day could be a solution. This will ensure you have a professional and modern environment to meet in, equipped with a managed reception, high-speed Wi-Fi, facilities, and refreshments. Visit thebrew.co.uk to find out more about their flexible offices in London.

Meet via video conferencing

In recent years, online meetings and appointments have become much more popular both due to necessity and convenience. Thanks to video conferencing software, you can meet clients from the other side of the world in the comfort of your own home or office. This eliminates the time and expense involved in traveling to meet with a client enabling you to increase the number of meetings you can carry out.

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