4 Great Personal Brand Building Techniques

4 Great Personal Brand Building Techniques

In practically any line of work that puts you in view of the public eye, strong personal brand building can carry you toward success. Personal branding is all about perception. What does your audience, client, or customer sees when they interact with you?

If they see an authentic, credible, and knowledgeable professional, there is every chance that exciting new possibilities are waiting just around the corner.

Here are some great techniques to help you build your personal brand and shine out from your competitors.

1. Cohesion is Key

Whether it happens to be an international titan of industry, or an individual like yourself, cohesion is key in the branding process.

To boost your brand’s cohesion, every email you write, social media post you make, or story you tell should be consistent with your tone of voice, while representing your aesthetic and your message.

You should apply this to even the finest detail if you want to capture a sense of authenticity, as even the seemingly smallest component can make a huge difference in the way of consistency.

For example, taking the time to add a signature in Gmail can make your online correspondence much more memorable for people, and memorability and brand building go hand-in-hand.

2. Showcase Your Unique Selling Point

Maybe your unique selling point is your wealth of experience, maybe it’s the way you talk and carry yourself, or perhaps it’s your extensive portfolio.

Whatever it happens to be, your individuality and uniqueness should take pride of place in your brand-building process.

Differentiating yourself is important; it helps people to find you in a crowd of competition and gives them a reason to turn their attention to you in the first place.

3. Take a Multichannel Approach to Online Marketing

Instead of making yourself exclusive to a single platform, opening up your operating channels can enable you to extend your reach to more customers.

This means utilizing more than just one social media platform. The more entry points people have to access your personal brand through, the greater the chance you can grow your online visibility.

Not everyone discovers brands through the same channel online, and in many ways, this is a big advantage for you, as it should encourage you to cast your net out a little further, thus covering more ground than you would by sticking to one platform.

4. Start a Blog

Blogs and vlogs are great marketing tools, as they can give your personal brand a great deal more substance for your customer to engage with.

This is especially true of video content, as they get to find out who you are as a creator and perhaps, more importantly, put a face to the name.

If you don’t feel like putting your face out there, then there’s no need to worry; there are many other great mediums through which to show off your technical expertise, such as podcasts and blogs.

If you can manage to create high-quality content and share it across a range of channels, you will likely be able to drive more traffic towards your website, strengthening your brand in the process.

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