10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2020

In your opinion, which is the toughest factor in doing business?

Our team conducted a survey,  there was a mixed response. Some people said that the most difficult is the idea, some say it is website designing, and a huge list voted for MARKETING! Truly, most business owners find it hard to cope with the latest digital marketing trends. Yes, it is a bit hard but it is not impossible. You can simply hire the best digital marketing company to work on your branding campaign from an online marketing strategy to staying

So, if you are outdated with the trending marketing hacks, then you may limit your brand both in terms of reach and engagement. To save you from this, we have curated a list of top trends for 2020. We are here with online marketing for your tree service business.

What are the new in digital marketing trends of 2020?

If we evaluate 2019, it was an overwhelming year from a marketing point of view.  And, 2020 is also going to be an overwhelming one with predicting marketing trends, sales funnel videos and marketing mastery. To ease the mystery, we are going to share the best branding tips for 2020.

Good content matters but context also matters 

Internet marketing cannot go anywhere without quality content. There was a time when only content mattered but today its context has become more important with the changing branding patterns.

With time, Google has developed a deeper and modern understanding of the latest digital marketing trends 2020  and so marketers should think carefully about the target market. This is the time when marketing experts have to use natural language in search queries and ensure a website with useful links, fast speed, and well-written content.

Get smarter with the smart rules!

The charm of shoppable posts on Instagram

In 2016, Instagram officially launched Instagram Shoppable Posts. It is a native integration that makes it simple to shop and tag products directly from the organic Instagram posts. 

Within a short span, shoppable posts have gained a lot of appreciation. In 2020, these blinking dots are going to woo more users with simple integrations with e-commerce marketing technology and third-party apps. As per Instagram, worldwide active users are 1 billion, and more than 90% follow shopping brands. Moreover, interactive ads have the potential to minimize the bounce rate by ensuring a seamless online shopping experience.

Sentiment analysis with automation integration

Human communication keeps trying to sense what each other is thinking! Even after, hundreds of thousands of years, we were not able to exactly predict it. However, it seems possible with the introduction of machine learning technology.

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to analyze sentiments with algorithms and data-collecting tools to understand online responses to your brand and grab them. Yes, it is not a digital marketing trend but yes it is working wonderfully with emojis and slang.

Conversational marketing 

There is hardly one who is unaware of chatbots. It is a prime player in modern marketing. Most of the customers expect an immediate response (85%) and chatbots are playing this role perfectly and most of the brands are happy.

Conversational marketing offers a real-time and one-to-one connection between customers and marketers. Unlike old marketing practices, chatbots allow brands to talk to their customers as per their demands, their preferred device, time, and schedule that suit them the best.

Video marketing 

Video marketing is a popular platform these days and it is likely to remain popular for the coming 10 years. Why is it the latest digital marketing trend in 2020? Look at some facts:

  • 52% of customers share that videos make them more confident to make an online buying decision.
  • 70% of customers say that they have shared their favorite brand’s video.
  • 70% of businesses admit that their conversion rate improved with the help of video.

Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms get 50 times more chances to drive organic traffic than text.

Programmatic advertising 

Programmatic advertising uses AI (artificial intelligence) to automate ad buying. This increases the chances to target more specific users.


Real-time bidding is a perfect example of programmatic advertising. With its automation feature, the ad becomes fast and more efficient. It brings higher conversions with lower customer acquisition costs. In 2020, more than 85% of digital display ads will be programmatic.

Influencer marketing 

It is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, and its focus is on amplifying the brand message with the help of key leaders. Do you remember those ads on television that were done by a celebrity and you purchased those products believing in his/her words?

Yes, it works similarly to the current digital marketing trends landscape as well. YouTube personalities, Instagram and Facebook influencers help you spread the word about your brand and it gains more authenticity. Let’s understand with some facts:

Around 60-% of people purchased a new product with the recommendation of an influencer.

63% of the customers trust influencers’ suggestions more about what the business says about its brand.

Visual search 

You have been using a voice search for a while now. So, do you want to take the user experience to a completely new level? We heard it YES! Visual search is the right answer. It allows you to upload a picture to conduct a search and you get specific results.

The magic of visual search is apparent with the fact that 62% of millennials take interest in visual search than any other technology. With no surprise, on Pinterest, there are more than 600 million visual searches.

Marketers have a fair chance to get an edge over the competitors by embracing the visual search in 2020. They will be able to draw the attention of customers and serve them with perfection.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) trends 

Google Ads strategy has been optimized and ready for 2020. It is certainly not a new trend in online marketing but yes it is undoubtedly a strong one that is not going to fade away in the years to come. Further, the core method is the same but new things are added frequently. So, what will be hit in PPC trends in 2020? Take a look at:

  • Amazon paid ads.
  • PPC automation.
  • A big share of AI in PPC ads.
  • Video advertising.
  • Responsive search ads.

Featured snippets optimization 

Google keeps updating its features throughout the year. However, there are some features that keep their place intact. Featured snippets optimization is one of them.

Every brand wants to get featured in rich snippets to secure a rank on the first page. But it has become a bit tougher as search engines have evolved as smarter. Today, marketers have to stay quite careful while creating digital marketing content. They have to optimize each piece of content and make it well-structured and clear for featured snippets. So, if you are planning to get featured in snippets then be ready with simple to understand content that the search engines cannot neglect this content.

Wrapping Up 

Thus, it was a list of the latest digital marketing trends that no business can afford to miss. We know that the list does not end here. Do you want to suggest more crucial trends that we have missed? Feel free to share it in the comment box. Or, do you want to hire a digital marketing agency to avail of the best services? Ads and Url is only a call away!

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