Work From Home and Manage Kids – Your Guide to Multitasking

Work From Home and Manage Kids – Your Guide to Multitasking

Things are certainly not easy for working parents during these trying times. As they do not only have to manage work but their kids as well. And that can be challenging. However, if you equip yourself with the right tricks, you will be able to get through with ease. A trick that works the best for me is handing over the tablet to my kids. Thanks to Cox WiFi plans, there are no downtimes in the service. However, there is a time limit defined for the screen exposure of my kids.

Other than that, the following work too:

Assessing the Home Team

No one will be more familiar with the strengths of the home team than you. Every member is good at something. So, you should trust that family member with the job that he/she is good at. And divide the work accordingly. Because let’s face it, you won’t be able to handle a job and all the household chores yourself.

The best way to go about it is by creating a schedule after considering how much each member is capable of doing and put it on a wall. In this way, you won’t have to repeat yourself. As everyone will be aware of his/her responsibilities and tasks.

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Be an Early Riser

Waking up before your kids do and getting most of the priority work done will help you a great deal. Because after the kids wake up, you will have to cater to their breakfast needs. And they might end up disturbing you with their fights etc. Therefore, it is the best option to get the work that asks of the most amount of attention from you first. If you succeed in following this routine, you will only be left with tasks that require lesser attention or answering emails and calls.

Setting Clear Boundaries

Many parents consider this tip as the rudest of all but you need to set boundaries if you wish to focus on your work. This means that there will be times when you will have to shut your door. So that the kids get a clear message that they cannot enter your workspace during that time. Other than that, you can start taking your work-related calls on speakerphone as that will also give a message to your kids to not enter the room.

And in case you do not have many doors in your house, warning signboards can always do the job. One thing that you will have to keep in mind, though, is that it is not at all rude to tell your kids about their boundaries while you are working. So, no need to feel guilty about it.

Setting Up Drink and Snack Stations

Perhaps the biggest issue that every mom or dad has to face is feeding the kids. While your kids might get all fussy about what they want and do not want to eat, you should prepare the meals for them a night before. And a fun way to do so makes it easy to assemble brunch kits that include your kids’ favorite snacks. However, make sure that you do not feed them junk. Instead, look for healthy and easy to prepare snack options online.

A trick that works in attracting the kids towards home-prepared snacks is putting them in safe and pretty crockery. And I bet your kids won’t say no to a meal ever again. Go for colorful glasses or dishes. In case, your kids love a cartoon character or a superhero, look for themed crockery online and serve them food in that.

Fix Activity Stations

Something that will keep your little ones busy is the fun and little activities that they indulge in. However, it is upon you to search for the same online and get all the necessary equipment. For example, if you have daughters, you can invest in strings and various forms of beads. And set activity stations where they make bracelets or necklaces. However, make sure you monitor them as well because you do not want them to put the beads in their mouths.

Here’s another tip: never ASK your kid to do the activity. Because then they won’t. Just set up the station and make it look attractive. The kids will start doing it themselves. However, if you ask them to, they will retaliate and make your life worse.

Apart from all these tips, I also ensure making timely Cox bill pay arrangements to avoid the risk of disconnection. Because my work will suffer as a result. And I wouldn’t be able to blame it on my kids either!

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