Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Causes and Treatment

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Causes and Treatment


When the body’s cycle of hair production is interrupted, hair loss occurs. Hair loss is most common in men. The hair fall can be either due to hereditary or aging. Research shows that 50% of men over 50 and around 50% of women over 65 face hair fall. Experts believe that hair loss can be either permanent or temporary. Fortunately, you can consider visiting the best hair transplant in Pune if you are experiencing hair loss.

Different types of hair loss

The hair growth cycle consists of three stages. The first phase is the anagen; during this phase, hair grows actively. In the second phase, which is the catagen, hair stops growing. The follicle is the structure below the skin that holds hair. In the second phase, hair separates from the follicle and stops growing.

Telogen effluvium

In this type of hair loss, a colossal amount of follicle enters the resting phase of hair growth to stop its growth. Due to this, no new hair growth takes place. This type of hair loss regularly occurs due to childbirth, surgery, and fever. The experts believe that this type of hair may grow in a few months or it can take years.

Tinea capitis

In this type of hair loss, hair starts falling in circular patches. Tinea capitis is also known as scalp ringworm. This type of hair loss is common in children.  The circular patches may grow more prominent with time eventually. This disease is often known as a fungal infection. The doctor gives antifungal medication to regrow hair on bald patches.

Cicatricial alopecia

In this type of hair loss, the inflammation damages the follicle below the skin. This damage causes scar tissue to form on that part of the scalp. After the formation of scar, tissue hair does not grow anymore.  This type of hair loss occurs both in men and women. In this type, either hair loss is not noticeable, or hair falls all at once.

Frontal fibrosing alopecia

In this type of hair loss, hair loss occurs on the eyebrows and underarms. This type of hair loss often affects women with postmenopausal. Some medicines work effectively to stop such kind of hair fall progression.  Experts don’t know the cause behind this hair fall.

Causes of Hair loss

  • Due to hormonal changes – Pregnancy, hair loss from childbirth, and menopause.
  • Medication – Hair loss due to the usage of drugs such as for high blood pressure, cancer, and arthritis.
  • Stress – Stress has always been leading the hair to fall out.
  • Style practices – Binding your hair tightly in a ponytail leads to hair loss.
  • Nutrition – Deficiency of proper food or malnutrition also results in hair loss.
  • Radiation treatment –  Hair loss occurs in cancer patients as they receive radiation treatment, and also chemotherapy.

Remedy to stop hair loss

Mediterranean diet

A diet with raw and fresh vegetables, such as herbs like parsley, basil, and salad, is most likely to reduce the chances of hair fall. However, experts believe that eating such vegetables thrice a week reduces hair fall.


Protein is the most basic food for hair. The hair follicle consists of proteins that are called keratin.  Experts believe that, in most cases, the cause of hair loss is due to nutritional deficiencies. The egg contains a considerable amount of protein. Hence, the consumption of protein positively prevents hair loss.

Coconut oil

Coconut is very beneficial when it comes to preventing hair loss. Lauric acid is present in coconut oil, and lauric acid keeps protein bound with hair. Coconut oil saves protein, and protein forestall hair loss. The massage of coconut oil increases blood flow to the damaged area. Coconut oil incredibly encourages the regrowth of hair.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant consists of taking hair from other body areas and applying it to the baldness area. Moreover,  you can consider doing a hair transplant in one of the best hair transplants in Pune.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy often stimulates follicles to reduce the progression of hair loss. The technology of laser therapy is effortless and accessible. Laser devices emit photons, which the weak cell absorbs to encourage the growth of hair. Sometimes laser devices increase blood flow to the damaged scalp.


A study shows that the main reason for hair loss is due to stress. Yoga is very stress-relieving. Meditation incredibly reduces stress and gives healthy hair and a healthy mind. Yoga reduces anxiety and increases blood flow in the body, which results in hair loss prevention.

Parting Thoughts

Hair loss is one of the significant problems that most of them are facing. The above information will give you a clear idea about hair fall and its remedies. Research shows that most of the hair loss also occurs due to ageing. As men grow, the cells become weak, so the cells are unable to hold the hairs.

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