Why Checking Used Mobile Price is Important Before Making Buying or Selling Decision?

Why Checking Used Mobile Price is Important Before Making Buying or Selling Decision?

India has become the second-largest market for smartphones. However, Indians are not only brand-conscious but also consider price to be a major factor that influences their buying decisions. Hence, increasing numbers of mobile users are now choosing to buy used mobile phones at a cheaper cost. The cost as compared to shelling out tens of thousands of rupees for a brand new handset. This has increased the demand for used mobile valuation too.

According to a report published in the Financial Express, India has become the largest market for used mobile phones. Experts expect the used smartphone market in India to cross the annual sales figures of 48 million units in 2020, as compared to 26 million units sold in 2016. The report shows that Xiaomi continues to dominate the pre-owned mobile smartphone market in India. The mobile phones with 27% market share, followed by Samsung and Apple, each with 16% market share.

How to check used mobile prices before buying second-hand smartphones?

On one hand, sellers might be looking to sell their smartphones to upgrade to the latest model. Obviously, the upgraded smartphone will come at a higher price. So, sellers are motivated to get the highest price for their pre-owned smartphones. To be able to convince buyers to agree to your price, you should know how to check the used mobile price.

On the other hand, buyers want to experience the smoothness and efficiency of a high-end smartphone without having to pay the high price tag. However, thanks to the increasing demands for used mobile phones, it has become easier to buy pre-owned smartphones with the availability of online used mobile valuation tools. This is a great decision when you know how to check used mobile prices and other important aspects.

Let’s take a look at how to check used mobile price for buying or selling pre-owned smartphones:

1 – Do your market research

The main motivation behind buying or selling a pre-owned smartphone is to get a better deal. However, to make sure that you are paying or getting the right price for a used smartphone. You need to do a bit of research and check the price of used mobile phones in different marketplaces.

First off, find out the current cost of a new handset of the model. The purpose behind checking multiple marketplaces is to find out how many users are trying to sell the model and for how much.

Once you get the feel of the market, sellers can set the best price for their smartphones, while buyers can then set a specific budget to buy a used smartphone. Buyers will also need to determine the acceptable level of wear and tear in a used smartphone which is offered within their budget.

After this, buyers can contact the seller who is offering the lowest price for a well-working used smartphone and even bargain to lower the price more.

2 – Use mobile valuation tools

Thanks to the increasing demand for used mobile phones, there are several online tools available today. There are several online sources that provide an easy and efficient way to calculate a feasible price. These prices are for a used smartphone or mobile phone.

In general, buyers or sellers need to enter a few basic details about the handset, such as make and model, etc. The mobile valuation tool instantly processes the information and provides the best-selling price for the particular model.

These online mobile price calculators are usually provided by renowned online marketplaces, which are also a great source to buy or sell used mobile phones at the best prices. These e-commerce platforms provide a safe, secure, and efficient way to purchase or sell pre-owned mobile phones. Industrial experts predict an enormous increase in the use of online mobile valuation tools in the near future as growing numbers of people will look to buy or sell pre-owned mobile phones. Using these online platforms, buyers and sellers are assured of a quick, hassle-free, and safe way to make deals.


All in all, it is extremely important for buyers and sellers of second-hand mobile phones to get the best price using market research and online mobile phone evaluation tools. This way, the buyer and seller are assured to get the best deal, which is the common aim for both.

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