What Should You Know Before Moving To Mississauga?

What Should You Know Before Moving To Mississauga?

Mississauga is amongst the top cities in Canada where people are moving. Starting your life from scratch in an unknown city can be scary as well as exciting. Your fears may include living in a strange neighborhood, paying more than the actual rent amount, meeting new people, and staying away from your friends and family.

On the other hand, you may be excited about beginning a new life where you would live independently, do everything on your own, figure out how things work in a new city, and making new friends. However, you should make sure that you research enough to know about rent to own homes in Mississauga city and other living expenses so that you do not end up paying extra.

Things To Know About Mississauga

#1 Weather

Whenever you are moving to a new city, considering its weather is extremely important. If you like pleasant weather, Mississauga will be a great choice. In the winters, it does not receive heavy snowfall and Mississauga’s average temperature does not go below -6 Degree Celsius. In the summers, the temperature remains around 20 Degree Celsius.

The summers are fun here specifically if you visit the serene Lake Ontario and Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. You will definitely love the peaceful trails, and walk while admiring creek and marsh.

#2 Food

You should expect to come across people belonging to various cultures and communities settled in the city. So, Mississauga is a highly diverse city. You will witness varying ethnic neighborhoods and would be hearing many dialects in Mississauga’s streets.

Well, the presence of settlers of different cultures means the food is going to be diverse and delicious too. You can devour on various authentic European and Asian cuisines. There are so many options to choose from, and almost all the restaurants serve mouthwatering food. If you are a foodie and love eating unfamiliar food, you will fall in love with Mississauga’s food scene. Even if you have specific preferences taking food, you will discover great restaurants specializing in those.

#3 Transportation

Mississauga has an impressive public transportation system throughout the city. Before going there, you must know that using MiWay, you can travel anywhere in the city easily. The easiest way to travel in the city is your personal vehicle but you must consider maintenance charges, fuel prices, travel expenses, and parking fees before you take your car.

Traveling in your personal car can be the most comfortable thing but you should remember that you will be increasing the carbon footprint that way. Through MiWay, you would experience high-quality, customer-driven public transit services, which are clean, reliable, safe, and cost-effective.

#4 Proximity To Toronto

Toronto and Mississauga are situated near to each other. A lot of people who work in Toronto settle in Mississauga because living expenses here are lower. Moreover, you will find better housing options in Mississauga. You can choose to drive to Toronto every day or commute through trains.

Driving your car to Toronto can be exhausting because of traffic jams in the rush hours. So, taking an express train or a regular bus connecting the two cities would be a great option. Also, Mississauga is also close to the busiest and largest airport in Canada- Toronto Pearson International Airport.

#5 Suitable For Kids

Mississauga is an amazing option to settle in if you have kids. For starters, the city is full of people belonging to various cultures, so your children would learn about the different cultures and traditions first hand from the people.

Experiences teach better than books and here, the concept applies rightly. Your children would interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds and know about their traditions and cultures, and even be a part of them.

Moreover, Mississauga is known for having impressive schools. As a parent, you would not want your child to grow up without a good education. And in Mississauga, there are numerous reputed schools and colleges that offer remarkable education.

#6 Nature and Parks

There are numerous parks and nature trails in Mississauga that make for refreshing short breaks. You can visit Port Credit, which is a village by lake and has beautiful parks, picturesque scenery, and exciting bike trails around it.

There are several places for walking and hiking as well. And not to forget, Lake Ontario’s scenic beauty in Mississauga offers complete peace. This makes Mississauga a perfect blend of nature and modernity.

Summing Up

Mississauga is amongst the cities with the largest population in Canada and moving here comes with several benefits like diverse culture, natural landscapes, a great transportation system, closeness to Toronto, mild weather, and delicious food. Also, if you have kids, they will grow up with people belonging to different cultures, which will benefit them.

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