What are 4ft LED Shop Lights, Their Types, And Key Features?

What are 4ft LED Shop Lights, Their Types, And Key Features?

LED shop lights are the latest LED versions of traditional fluorescent lights. They are the best choice over traditional lights as they consume very little energy and also run for years. You can easily get your desirable LED 4ft shop lights on lepro at a discount price. 

People prefer LED shop lights because they do not easily break as fluorescent lights do and these are also light in weight. If we talk about the brightness level then LED Lights are brighter as compared to fluorescent lights.

If the background hum of fluorescent lights is irritating for you especially when you are shooting a video then you must have to choose LED lights as they don’t have this issue. LED shop light is mostly used in workshops and garages or at places where we need a simple low-cost light system to lighten a specific small area such as a workbench. That’s why they are also known as “LED garage lights”.

Types of LED Shop lights

  • Integrated LED Fixtures 

These LED lights have ready-to-use fixtures and they have benefits over other types as they have longer life periods of about 5 years so you don’t have to change them frequently and they also consume very little power. 

  • Retrofit LED shop lights

It is the most general type as it contains the same fixtures as traditional lighting systems but only LED tubes will be present in place of traditional fluorescent tube lights. 

Key features of LED 4ft shop lights 

There are a lot of useful and powerful features that are provided to us regarding LED 4ft shop lights. These features increase the demand for these shop lights. A brief discussion about the key features regarding 4 ft LED lights is here:

  • The most important key feature is its trouble-free insertion. It means the installation process is effortless, we just have to hang the shop lights from the ceilings. Then after plugging the lights, they will turn on easily.
  • The other amazing feature of the 4 ft LED shop lights is its Units Max relation which means using the end-to-end connector, we have the facility to add more pieces.8 pieces can be linked easily.
  • Five years warranty is given to the customer and the main reason for this guarantee is to verify the gratification. 
  • LED lights are ETL and FCC-certified shop lights. This certification develops a sense of satisfaction for the customers.
  • LED lights are the most superior lights just because of their energy-saving feature. LED chips are being used in the manufacturing of these shop lights.
  • Another amazing key feature of LED lights is their flashing effect. About 5000K bright light is conveyed to us by these LED lights.

Lepro LED shop lights 

Lepro is a very reliable company and it is providing efficient LED 4ft shop lights which are easily mountable as you don’t need a special type of wires for plugging and are available with linked features so you can easily join many lights with each other.

These are efficient and cost-effective LED lights as they can save up to 60% on your electricity bills. Lepro also provides a warranty of  5 years on their 4 ft LED lights.  On their website, you can easily get 4 pack and 6 pack 40W 4ft LED lights, for more information visit the website ” lepro“. 


In the above article, the basic information about LED 4ft shop lights is discussed like their kinds, characteristics, and key features. If you are confused between traditional lights and LED shop lights then the above article is totally for your concern. LED 4ft shop lights are more preferable due to the amazing features that we have mentioned above.

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