Top Tips to Adorn Statement Accessories Confidently

Top Tips to Adorn Statement Accessories Confidently

Statement accessories can redefine your style statement on any day. They are a great way to add drama to any outfit and have fun. You can easily transform your plain look to an awe-inspiringly fabulous one with the magic of statement accessories. Something as simple as Punjabi kadas can take your look to the next level if you know how to pull them off as statement accessories! But break those unspoken fashion rules, and your whole style quotient can fall flat. That is why it is important to know how to wear statement accessories with confidence.

Let us take a look at how to wear fashion accessories with confidence:

Select Accessories That Complement Your Outfit

A golden rule of wearing statement accessories is to go for the pieces that complement your outfit. Make sure that your statement pieces do not overwhelm your outfit. Else, they will not be able to make a statement anymore. So, try to work out an ensemble where your statement pieces can uplift your outfit and make you stand out at any gathering.

When it comes to gold or diamond accessories, team them up with formal or neutral outfits. If you opt for floral accessories, feminine outfits or those with flowing cuts can be a great choice. The main point is to maintain a balance and create an appealing look.

Let Your Accessories Shine Through      

When it comes to statement accessories, remember that less is more. If you want your accessory to shine through, always opt for a simple dress. Large accessories, such as a big necklace, always work well with simple outfits. If you pair up such a necklace with a heavily embroidered suit, it may not be able to take center stage. To avoid such mistakes, follow the rule of keeping the outfit less overwhelming when you wear dramatic accessories. Another thing to avoid is wearing too many statement accessories. Just one or two pieces should be enough to highlight your look.

Think about it this way: your outfit is the elegant backdrop against which you need to highlight your accessory. This way, you will be able to accentuate your look easily.

Go For the Right Earrings

Earrings can make or break your look. So, do not mistake underestimating the power of statement earrings. If you want your earrings to be the show stoppers, give them the space to be so. They can draw the spotlight towards you even if you opt for a no-necklace look. Such can be the power and magic of your statement earrings!

When selecting your earrings, always go for those that complement your face shape and accentuate your features. Also, keep in mind the other accessories you plan to wear with the pair. For instance, a highly ornate pair of big dangling earrings should not be paired with a chunky, large necklace.     

Glam up With Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles and bracelets are among those accessories that often get overlooked for creating a stunning look. But they can be a great way to grab attention. Just adorn a stylish ladies bangle set with your Indian outfit and watch how easily they can transform your look! The best part about a ladies bangle set is that you can stack them and work out a layered look for your hands when you want to dress up. If you want to dress down, a single pair of bangles can work wonders for your look.

Bracelets can also be equally effective for adding a bit of drama to your look. No wonder Punjabi kadas have turned into a fashion statement these days. Wearing a cuff bracelet is another easy and effective way to create a focal point of your look. Keep in mind that if you are wearing multiple bracelets, you need to go easy on the rings and avoid large pieces on your fingers.

Stand Out With the Right Necklace

If you want your necklace to make a statement, you need to wear it with the right neckline. Short statement necklaces work best when adorned with off-shoulder, V-neck, or strapless dresses. It is a good idea to avoid teaming up a short statement neckpiece with outfits having collars, halter necks, or excessive neckline detailing. When planning to wear long statement necklaces, you can opt for round or scooped necklines.

Layering necklaces of various sizes is another way to add interesting detailing to your neckline. But ensure that they must come across as part of a harmonious ensemble. Alternatively, you can go for an elegant chain worn with a stunning pendant to make heads turn.

In Conclusion

When it comes to statement accessories, these tips can help you look gorgeous and confident. But if you wish to experiment and create a distinct look, you can always go ahead. Just steer clear of the fashion pitfalls mentioned above, and you can be on your way to work up a diva look in no time at all! So, go ahead and have fun dressing up with your statement accessories.

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