Top 3 Mods for Yamaha Razz

Top 3 Mods for Yamaha Razz

Yamaha debuted the Razz in 1987 with a simpler version of its Minarelli engine, while its Zuma and Jog scooters were outfitted with high-performance versions of the same engine. They are all scooters, all in the same line, but not all equal in design. If you’re looking to modify the Razz engine with an eye toward getting a boost in speed, you have your work cut out for you due to its single-speed design. It can be done, and many have done it, but there are several other modifications that take a lot less work and stress. Make this scooter your own with these top 3 mods for Yamaha Razz. 


Just like motorcycle riders, Jazz riders are subject to bugs, rocks and road debris flying at their faces while on the road. Several different styles of windshields in varying heights and widths are available, from “stealth” models that play off the low-profile shield of a racing bike to high-tops that protect you when you’re sitting up straight. There are also sport fairings that are a nice middle ground, taking elements from each version to give you the best of both worlds. Shop for your style of windshield wherever you shop for the best Yamaha Razz OEM parts. 

Control Elements

The best way to make your scooter more comfortable is to upgrade the things you touch every time you ride it. If you’re new to your scooter or riding, aftermarket elements such as levers and footpegs can instantly make you feel more comfortable. You can improve a variety of control elements, including these:

  • Handlebars
  • Handguards
  • Levers and shifters
  • Footpegs
  • Grips

Installing new control elements is also a smart move, especially for new riders. If you’re not used to riding, you may get stiff or sore in your joints and muscles following longer rides on your Jazz. Choosing comfortable grips, handguards and other touch pieces can help you feel more at home and less tense while you’re breaking into the riding habit. Find your fits where you find the best Yamaha OEM parts. Another, related item to include in the control category is a right side mirror; Yamaha installed only the left side mirror on factory models, offering the right side mirror as an add-on—for an additional price, of course. 

Storage Needs

The Razz is perfect for anyone who needs to run errands around town or for traveling short distances. However, unless you shop really light or use a backpack, you’ll need to install some storage racks and luggage. Because the Razz was Yamaha’s entry-level scooter at the 50cc level, there is no stock storage space on the machine, not even a glove compartment. Installing luggage racks and saddlebags give you the ability to make a trip to the grocery store or another local shop and bring back the makings for dinner, treats for your dog or your latest antiquing find.

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While motorcycle riders may choose aftermarket mods for motorcycles for a boost in power and speed, scooter riders can focus on other needs. Use these top 3 mods for Yamaha Razz suggestions as a jumpstart to customizing your scooter for your style and needs.

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