Textsheet Alternative- 10 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students in 2021

Textsheet Alternative- 10 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students in 2021

Being a college or school student while studying, you must have come across a website named Textsheet.com. Textsheet.com was an online store of answers, various homework-related solutions for all students. If you are searching for a very famous educational platform textsheet online. Then it is no longer available. But you don’t need to worry, as there are so many textsheet alternatives.

It was loved by the users just because of its simplicity and ease-of-use feature. All the solutions available on the website were totally free of cost. In very little time, this website gains popularity and become one the most famous online academy website. The website is no longer providing services to the students because Chegg gave DMCA notices to it.

What is Textsheet.com?

Textsheet.com was a highly rated educational website for students. Where students used to search the answers related to their home-work. College students used to search the quires related to their projects on this website. This website was like a search engine for the students. This website also had to face a lot of legal problems. An American company, named Chegg, accused Textsheet.com of stealing its solutions. As a result, the website was taken down permanently.

There are many options that provide the same service as textsheet. If you are a student and looking for homework help or educational answers, the below list can be the best options for a Textsheet.com alternative.

Textsheet Alternatives for Students:

  1. Chegg
  2. Slader
  3. Coursera
  4. Byju’s
  5. Course Hero
  6. Quizlet
  7. PaperHelp
  8. StudyLib
  9. Sparknotes
  10. Skooli

Let’s read about all the alternatives in detail.

Top 10 Textsheet Alternatives 2021:

  • Chegg


As already explained, Chegg was the largest reason behind the closing of the textsheet.com website. This company is providing services for the last 20 years. In Chegg, you will not only get solutions to your problems, but you can also take help from experts. These experts are available 24*7. These experts will help you to complete homework and assignments.

To download this app you just to search the name Chegg in your mobile phone’s App Store or Play Store. The site gives you solutions for many subjects like maths, chemistry, biology, engineering, business, with 60 subjects & many other courses.

After downloading the app you have to sign up and create your account. To use their services and solutions you need to pay the subscription fees. The current fee is $14.99 per month. Which is the only drawback of this website. Sometimes the students cannot afford to pay the subscription amount.

There is an amazing option to buy or rent the books. There are a lot of sample research papers based on previous years.

  • Slader

Slader is one of the most popular websites among the students of the US. In Salder, you will get step-by-step solutions to all your queries. Slader is very similar to the text sheet. This is one of the best textsheet alternative 2021. The website is user-friendly. College students who are seeking online homework help must visit this website.


All the solutions are available here at a very low cost. In the free version, you will face a lot of ads. On this website, you will find a very amazing option. In which you can search any of your books through its barcode.

Slader is available for both iOS and Android phone users. Most people use it on windows desktop.

  • Coursera

Another great Textsheet alternative is Coursera, especially for the students who are looking for research papers online. This website was created by two college students of Stanford University in 2012. There are more than 40 million active users of this website. Coursera offers around 4000 online courses.


Here you can get the degree of 14 courses. You can download Coursera from the apple store and play store. The website is well organized. All the topics are updated here on regular basis.

  • Byju’s

Byju’s is another next-level alternative of Textsheet. This is an Indian educational app. The name of the website is based on its founder named Byju Raveendran. It was founded in 2011. Now it is known as the world’s most valuable educational platform.


Byju’s provides you a huge collection of courses and solutions for your School or college-related educational queries. The study material available here starts from school kids class and up to K3, K10, NEET, JEE, and so on. The main users of this website are school students. India’s best teachers will teach you if you join the paid classes.

  • Course Hero

The name course hero itself is explaining the quality of the website. It is the most similar alternative to the textsheet. It is an American educational website. The company is based in Redwood City. Here you can get access to 25 million-plus courses.

Course Hero

The company was founded in 2006. From this website, you can download your syllabus, essay, previous chapters, and many more. This website is totally free for all users. Research papers are easily available here.

  • Quizlet

Quizlet is alternative textsheet which is having textsheet features as well as some other amazing features themselves. This is a great platform for exam preparation. The website is a repository of databases and courses.

More than 15 million active students are using this website worldwide. The website has question papers related to 130 countries. Quizlet is available on both Android and iOS. Quizlet is a very easy-to-use website. Here are a lot of fun games, which keep your mind refresh while you are working. Test your brain with such mindblowing games like Gravity. All the games are related to mind testing. You can test how sharp is your mind by playing such games.


There is a search bar on the website. You just need to simply type the name of the course or subject which you are looking for. The results will appear on your screen.

Quizlet avails you flashcards also. The students who feel comfortable learning with flashcards can go for it. There are two options for you, one is Quizlet Go and the second one is Quizlet Plus. The prices of both subscriptions is different. For Quizlet Go subscription charges are $11.99. For Quizlet Plus subscription charges are $23.

  • PaperHelp

Paperhelp is a little different textsheet alternative in the way of its functioning. It is assisting students to complete their hard assignments since 2008. The website is a boon for those who are looking for an online research paper website. Here, you will find research papers made by different subjects.


The website is primarily designed for Ph.D. students. If you do not enjoy the services provided by the website. Simply call the customers to the care number mentioned at the bottom of the website. They are available 24*7 to solve your issues related to the website. The website is totally secure and maintains your privacy very well.

  • StudyLib

Another textsheet 2021 alternative is studyLib. The website provides you a various variety of solved question papers and already built assignments. You can easily share the answers and assignments with your friends without paying any cost. The website also gives you the option to download the documents, so that you can view them later.


To download and upload the documents you just need to sign up on the website. After completing the signup process you can do this task very easily. The complete website is totally free for you. Almost every subject is covered under the website. Such as Science, Maths, Engineering, Business, Technology, Arts, Biology and many more. If you want to help other students with your assignments, you can easily add them to the website. Any other students using the Studylib website can view your document. In this way, you can help many students.

  • Sparknotes

Sparknotes, the most popular textsheet alternative. This alternative has gain so much popularity among high school students. The establishment process of the website was completed in 1999. The website is selling various test papers and textbooks also. The app can be easily downloaded on mobile phones.


The app helps American students to prepare for their SAT exams (standardized tests). This is one of the best platforms to buy books online. The app is available for both the Apple app store and google play store. Here is the list of the subjects which the Sparknotes website covers. Here it is:

  • Social Science
    • Biography
    • History
    • Psychology
    • U.S. Government And Politics
    • Economics
    • Philosophy
    • Sociology
    Written Works
    • Drama
    • Poetry
    • Film
    • Short Stories
    Math and Science
    • Biology
    • Computer Science
    • Math
    • Chemistry
    • Health
    • Physics
  • Skooli

Skooli textsheet alternative is an excellent platform for private online tutoring. It is totally risk-free. Here you can connect to the tutors from anywhere and anytime. Website is available for smartphones, computers, and tablets as well. The tutoring classes are very affordable. The website is easy to understand.


There is a large list of tutors on the websites. The experience years, age, and qualification of tutors are mentioned on the website. You can choose from which tutor you want to take the classes.

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