Lead Generation 2022: 8 Best Practices to Create Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation 2022: 8 Best Practices to Create Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies

A steady flow of leads is the lifeline of any business. B2B companies need customized marketing strategies that reach their targeted audience at several points of the customer journey. Engaging business clients and prospects with pertinent, valuable content that grabs their attention, expands your brand’s reach and visibility, and ultimately boosts your revenue is the key to successfully producing B2B leads through digital marketing. So how can you start the B2B lead generation strategies? We have highlighted eight practices that can help you to create B2B lead generation strategies.

Key Points for B2B Lead Generation

1. Finding Leads

You may begin to capture your target audience once you’ve determined who they are. You must update your website with any pertinent descriptions, specifications, and information. To keep your leads interested, employ calls-to-action on your landing pages like “Sign up for a free trial.”

2. Qualify Your Leads

Never assume anything about your leads. Visitors are not automatically considered potential customers just because they express interest in your brand. To better assist your leads, you must ask the right questions based on their requirements or expectations. You can determine whether a lead is qualified by asking pertinent questions so that you may move them farther down your sales funnel.

3. Nurture Your Leads

Building strong ties with customers throughout their life cycles is called lead nurturing. Some of the most popular lead nurturing options are educational webinars, value material like white papers, eBooks, newsletters, free demos, etc.

Best Practices to Create Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies

1. Generate Good Quality Content

An efficient method of generating B2B leads is content marketing. 93% of B2B companies think content marketing produces more leads than conventional marketing techniques.

The “quality of content” determines whether content marketing is successful or unsuccessful in its entirety. High-quality content will captivate your audience and generate leads who are interested.

How to Generate Good Quality Content?

  • Find the right audience: Understanding your target audience is essential if you want to produce content that meets their needs. Write blogs and how-to instructions while keeping your target audience in mind.
  • Classifying the appropriate content: The material (blogs, social media postings, webinars) that can assist you in lead generation is what you should concentrate on.
  • Channels for distributing content: Distribute your information on numerous websites, social networks, and discussion boards frequented by your target audience. You can choose between free channels like Google AdWords and paid channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Create a content strategy map: It covers both the frequency and type of information you’ll publish. How often do you blog, and how regularly do you distribute your information on social media.

2. Better Sales Conversion Through Live Chat 

By providing prompt answers to questions and accelerating the sales process, live chat increases the number of B2B leads generated. Understanding the customer lifecycle makes connecting with them at the appropriate moment easier.

Because live chat gives more immediacy than other methods, 79% of clients prefer it. Customers like how handy it is, how it encourages quick decisions, and how well it works for live chat sales.

How to Achieve a Better Live Chat Experience? 

  • Deliver immediate assistance with sales: Live chat, a B2B lead generation tool, offers prompt responses to questions about sales and produces more leads.
  • Gathering customer data: Live chat is considered the best B2B lead generating tool for gathering visitor data and directing sales to the appropriate team.
  • Sales Cycles Should Be Short: Send out customized messages to your prospects so they may quickly decide to buy if they are stuck on your product or price page.
  • Decreased bounce rate: Respond quickly to visitor questions and offer proactive assistance. Live chat drastically lowers the bounce rate when used as a lead generation technique.

Live Chat

3. Social Media For Maximum Lead Generation 

Social media marketing is a critical component of content sharing to attract clients. As a result, it increases the trust of your brand and generates a tonne of website traffic.

Social media lead creation includes strategic marketing techniques for generating new leads and inviting them into your sales funnel.

Facebook offers a variety of ad forms. However, Facebook Lead Ads are primarily for B2B lead generating techniques. Customers might be targeted depending on their needs and interests.

How to Maximize Lead Generation Through Social Media? 

  • Ongoing social interaction: At every stage of their journey, you can quickly interact with your clients on social media channels through discussion, retargeting, adverts, etc.
  • Obtain new clients: You may grow your consumer base, create an engaged audience on social media, post information, engage with them, and react to their criticism.
  • Brand recognition: Increase the perceived worth of your brand on social media platforms to increase lead generation and improve customer interactions.

4. Use Webinars For Educating Customers

According to 60% of B2B marketing and sales professionals, a webinar is the best approach to acquiring high-quality leads. Webinars are effective in generating B2B leads. Webinars cover specific subjects and offer deep insights from subject matter specialists.

You may connect with your target audience and compile a list of leads by using webinars. It is advised to keep the webinar educational by including lessons, instruction, or workshops.

How to Educate Your Customers in a Better Way?

  • Learning webinars: The main goal of the instructional webinar is to give step-by-step instructions on tackling any particular problem. It contains “how-to” language, which increases attendance rates and demonstrates the effectiveness of practical knowledge in generating new leads.
  • Case studies: Case studies are helpful in the purchasing process for 42% of B2-B purchasers. Case studies satisfy the needs of sales-ready leads who seek specific information on the ROI and advantages of a product. It demonstrates that your product can deliver through social proof.
  • Demos of products: More detailed information about your goods is what prospects anticipate. By displaying simple answers to their questions, product demos might pique the interest of those leads.

Email Marketing

5. Use Email Marketing To Get Going

One of the most effective B2B lead creation techniques for reaching the target market is email marketing. 72% of adults in the United States favor email communication with brands over other marketing methods.

Customers enjoy email communication and are very comfortable using this marketing medium. Through a trustworthy medium, you can effortlessly connect with your target audience.

How to Generate Leads Through Email Marketing?

  • To educate and engage your target audience about your goods or services through emails, you must first determine who they are.
  • Email lists can be divided into categories based on buyer personas. Depending on the industry or use cases, you can apply various qualities to particular marketing persona segments.
  • Users are more likely to subscribe to one of them when emails are personalized. Once you send an email, you must follow up at least twice weekly.

6. CRM For B2B Lead Generation 

An effective CRM tremendously impacts a business. One of the key components that propel corporate momentum is lead nurturing. Lead tracking and successful conversion into sales-qualified leads are made possible through nurturing. Even before interactions with the sales staff, it aids in nurturing leads and creating better long-lasting relationships with clients.

Most businesses believe a CRM system helps determine the caliber of leads.

How to Use CRM for Generating Leads?

  • Effective Marketing Campaigns: CRM can help you achieve your business goals by giving yourself richer, fact-based consumer insights. CRM provides a thorough picture of the opportunity pipeline, allowing each opportunity to be connected with a particular marketing campaign.
  • Lead tracking: CRM has a system for keeping track of and managing leads. Similar to sales leads, records can be kept track of how many clients were contacted in the previous week or month, what was discussed, what questions they had, and other things.


7. Search Marketing For Lead Generation

Organic search marketing is unquestionably a significant traffic source for B2B lead-generating techniques. To increase the number of potential customers who visit your website, you can adapt and enhance your SEO strategy in line with your lead generation goals and objectives.

Since 59% of consumers use Google to hunt for local companies each month, SEO is a very effective strategy for generating qualified leads with a 14.6% probability of becoming customers. Your website and its content will be seen on search engine results pages if SEO is handled correctly.

How to Use SEO to Generate Leads? 

  • To effectively employ SEO marketing, you must comprehend your user’s goal.
  • When conducting online searches, you can use long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize your website for mobile users as desktop searches are shifting to mobile ones.
  • Create very enticing meta descriptions. In addition to the homepage, landing pages use SEO to produce leads.

8. Using Google Ads For Lead Generation

Many marketers have used Google AdWords to find leads. Google has solidified its position as the preferred search engine and is now leveraging its 92.42% market dominance.

Lead generation programs are used by companies with a multi-tiered sales funnel to give their staff sales opportunities. They direct visitors to a landing page, a relevant page made with collecting visitors’ contact information in mind.

Steps Involved in Generating Leads Through Google Ads: 

  • Conduct proper keyword research that includes branded, related, competitive, and generic terms.
  • Create eye-catching advertising by creating original ad copy ideas that highlight the advantages of your goods and services.
  • You should set up your PPC campaigns with the appropriate keywords, accounts, ad groups, etc.


B2B lead generation plan is a long-term endeavor that does not occur instantly. You may create a strong pipeline of leads by utilizing the ideal system of lead creation KPIs, tools, channels, and concepts. For example Sbxhrl, Picuki. Every company serves a diverse clientele. Thus it makes no sense for them to rely just on one channel or temporary solutions to create leads. Develop a robust B2B lead generation plan to make your firm viable.

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