Laying the Foundation: The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Into Your First Home

Laying the Foundation: The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Into Your First Home

For many first-time movers, the relocation process can be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming as they toil over which tasks to tick off their long to-do list first. However, though deciphering a plan in the chaos can be challenging, plenty of helpful tips and tricks from seasoned movers can keep the process moving smoothly. 

Read on for the dos and don’ts of moving homes for the first time. 

Do hire professionals

If possible, consider hiring professional movers to relocate your belongings instead of taking on the heavy lifting yourselves. Though you can opt-out of moving services to save money, the time, effort, and stress may not be worth the financial savings. 

Instead of risking injury and spending days lugging your belongings in your vehicle, employ a reputable company to transport your car to another state alongside your valuables. Ultimately, hiring moving services can speed the process along without you having to lift a finger. 

Do check your smoke detectors

Once you arrive at your new home, check the smoke detectors in each room to ensure they’re fully functioning. To check if your smoke detectors are working correctly, press the test button on the back of the equipment. If the alarm goes off, your device is working. Make sure to replace any malfunctioning detectors as soon as possible to keep your home up to fire-safety codes. 

Do change the locks and get a security system

Another item to check off your initial to-do list should be amping up security measures. Consider changing the locks to prevent past homeowners or realtors from entering uninvited. 

To add extra precaution, install an alarm system to deter intruders and monitor your home’s surroundings. You can have a professional install an alarm system or set one up yourself.

Don’t pack essential items on the moving truck

Instead of tossing essential items like prescriptions, money, passports, and sentimental valuables on the moving truck transport them separately to keep important possessions safe. Additionally, keep a bag of necessities with you while you wait for the rest of your belongings to arrive. That way, you’ll have a change of clothes, personal hygiene items, and digital devices on hand in the case of delayed transportation. 

Don’t unpack everything at once

Looking around your new space at hoards of boxes and mismatched furniture can be overwhelming, to say the least. Though it may be tempting to rush through unpacking efforts and pull out every item on hand, taking this route is likely to end in frustrating chaos.  

Instead, unpack one room at a time to reduce clutter and overwhelm. Unpacking room by room is the easiest way to ensure your belongings reach their intended destination without misplacing item after item. Ultimately, sticking to an organized unpacking regime will keep your home from turning into a clutter-filled mess. 

Don’t forget to change your address

A critical moving task you should prioritize during relocation is changing your address with the post office to ensure important mail and packages arrive at the correct location. Unfortunately, many frazzled first-time homeowners forget to change their residential address, leaving them with past-due payments and undelivered mail. 

Final thoughts

When all is said and done, staying calm and patient is key to keeping the relocation progress moving forward. By prioritizing the dos and steering clear of the don’ts, you can settle into your brand-new space in no time. 

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