How to Top Maths 10 Board Exams?

How to Top Maths 10 Board Exams?

A student goes through plenty of phases in his life. Initially when he goes to school for the first time and then when he has to submit the assignments before the deadline, after that when he has to appear for the examinations which consist of a vast syllabus. Thus, one of the phases is class 10th board exams. The board exams have an imperative impact on a student’s life. On the basis of their class 10th score, they are allotted the stream in grade 11th. In order to get the stream of their own choice, it is crucial to score excellent marks in the board exams. Moreover, scoring decent marks inculcates confidence in a student and he feels worthy and proud of himself. The family also feels glad and this motivates the student to pursue hard work in his future. The students generally find Maths as a tough subject and struggle in that. It is seen that their result gets deteriorated because they aren’t able to perform well in their Maths board exam. Maths is a very interesting subject and not very difficult until and unless the student receives the right mentorship and guidance.

 The student needs to adopt the correct technique and should have the required knowledge. Through the practice of Class 10 Maths NCERT Book and consistency, it is even possible to top the Maths board exam in class 10th and get a chance to receive the award and become the pride of the school. 

There are several tips to be kept in mind which will, in turn, help a student to score the highest marks on boards: 

  1. First and foremost, the students need to be aware of the whole syllabus. If there are any deletions or additions everything needs to be taken care of. 
  2. Further, they should be well versed with the examination pattern and weightage of each chapter. 
  3. It is paramount to consider the NCERT textbook as their bible. Almost the entire question paper consists of the questions from this book. 
  4. It is advisable to start with easy chapters as it provides them with confidence and then jumps to the difficult and lengthy ones. 
  5. They should practice each and every question of the NCERT textbook including the examples which are mostly ignored by them. 
  6. They shouldn’t make the mistake of skipping steps during the practice sessions, at the time of practice also all steps should be written so that those steps get instilled in the mind. 
  7. Moreover, none of the questions should be skipped from the NCERT regardless of its level of difficulty. 
  8. The figures and graphs should be practiced with utter seriousness. 
  9. The students should maintain a notepad for formulae, theorems, and important questions which they can revise on the day before the examination.
  10.  It is vital for them to be attentive while classroom teaching and not only depend upon the tuition classes because the school teachers have a better experience and moreover, they are aware of the marking scheme of the board exams as they go for scrutinizing the answer sheets. 
  11. The students should come up with questions and they should get all their doubts cleared.
  12.  They shouldn’t feel hesitant while putting up questions, it is for their betterment and clarity. Consistency in this subject is very important, it is advised to practice maths religiously. 
  13. When they feel that they have a strong grip on the questions of NCERT then it is time to refer to additional study material. 
  14. Here is a trigger warning: they are not expected to get puzzled by doing a bundle of books, it’s adequate to do a maximum of two additional books i.e., NCERT exemplar and RD Sharma. 
  15. Only the typical questions with a different pattern should be done from these additional books. After the aforementioned points, the most essential step is past year question papers. 
  16. This helps in better practice and gives clarity about the strengths and weaknesses, the areas that require improvement. It also helps to know the structure of the paper and the type of questions that are frequently asked. 
  17. Along with this the marking scheme and solutions released by the CBSE for past year papers should be focused on vigilantly. 
  18. Further, they should go through the practice papers released by the CBSE Board for the current year exam. 
  19. Then, the students need to start time-based practice, they should start taking up disciplined test series in which the paper should be attempted in a similar manner as in the exam and try to complete it within 3 hours. 
  20. After attaining perfection in completing the paper on time, one thing to be kept in mind is revision. 
  21. Revision is the key to top the Maths board exam because cross-checking the calculations is very useful for saving marks. Last but not the least, the handwriting should be neat and legible. 
  22. The answer sheet should be clean and overwriting should be avoided. The students should develop a habit of writing the final answer either in a box or it should be underlined with a black pen. 
  23. The numbers should be written clearly without giving any chance to the examiner for deducting the marks. Even the sheets on which the rough work is done should be clean and neat.
  24.  In order to top the exam, one needs to score 100 marks. For scoring full marks all the possibilities of making even a minor mistake should be eliminated because a flawless paper is scrutinized by a bunch of examiners with the intention to deduct marks. For attaining the summit self-study is one of the major factors, practising all the exercises with full determination and dedication is important. 
  25. Concentration and retention should go hand in hand for the subject Maths. 
  26. The preparatory leaves which are granted before the exam should be utilized for the revision of all the formulae and important topics. 
  27. On the day of the examination, the students shouldn’t panic and are advised to write the paper with a cool mind.

 Thus, for a year the students are expected to follow the much-required strategy and study meticulously for their Maths examination so that they can score full marks and become the scholar of their school.

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