How to Make the Perfect Espresso

How to Make the Perfect Espresso

Making an aromatic cup of Espresso is a bit challenging task for Baristas. The ingredients used in preparing Espresso should be fresh and in the right proportion. The taste of espresso depends on the quality of coffee beans used along with the brewing recipe. Besides, you must have an espresso machine and grinder in proper condition. When you sip a perfect espresso, the taste stays on your lips for long, and it makes you feel fresh. Many people spend a considerable amount of money to drink Espresso, but get disappointed as the taste of it would not be the same everywhere.

However, if you do not want to spend hundreds of Euros to drink a fresh cup of Espresso, you can prepare the same quality and same taste espresso that you have sipped at your favorite coffee shop right at your home.

Here is How You Can Make A Perfect Espresso:

Buy Quality Beans

You need to buy the coffee beans from a specialized coffee beans supplier who is known for selling quality ones. The reliable supplier would see the age of the beans when those are processed and roasted. If you have fresh beans, it will improve the taste of Espresso. The coffee prepared with fresh beans would be having rich flavor with a good cream. You need to buy whole beans and keep fresh beans away from light and heat. It is not required to store the beans in the freezer instead keep it away from heat. However, you need to consume the beans in three weeks. To retain the flavor and taste, you need to store them in an airtight container.


The beans that you have purchased might have been roasted long back. So, you need to use those beans in four to three weeks’ time from the day of roasting to get the optimal flavor.

Grind the Beans

You must grind the beans perfectly, as this has complete control over the rate of extraction, which eventually has an impact on the flavor. If those are ground finely, it will smell like ash, and if the beans are grinded crude, the espresso Byblos Coffee will taste thin and watery. If it is not grinded properly, the water will pass through the coarse beans quickly without extracted the flavor and oil. The beans should be ground in a way that the texture should be like sand.

Clean and Dry the Equipment

Ensure that there is no moisture in the port filter and basket. When the coffee gets in contact with the moisture content, it will extract quickly. You must use a towel to clean the parts neatly to remove the old coffee.


When you are tamping the beans, you need to apply a lot of pressure. There is a tamping machine available using which you can tamp. The tamping will remove the air pockets that are in the coffee puck. You must tamp to level the puck and until you feel that is puck is compressed. You should make sure that the puck is leveled in a horizontal direction to avoid uneven extraction.

Once tamping is done, you need to fill the basket for more than half. The Espresso will taste muddy when the coffee is unevenly extracted using the machine shower screen. You need to pour the water from a height so that the coffee would be hit forcefully and melt the mud.


You need to thoroughly purge the machine by pouring some water through it before preparing Espresso.

Prepare Espresso

There are different rules that are followed by baristas to prepare a well-balanced espresso. The brew ratio would be perfect when you use two parts of dry coffee to three parts of wet Espresso. Based on your taste, you can prepare 30 to 40 grams of Espresso for 20 grams of dry coffee grounds.

You can be sure that your coffee is going to taste good when the machine would start to drips coffee before producing a steady stream of Espresso. The fresh cup of coffee will be viscous due to the oil that is present in the beans. This forms a beautiful crema on the top. This crema will be in reddish-brown with tiny bubbles. However, the bubbles will go off in a few minutes.

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