How late is the Closest Grocery Store Open 24 Hours near Me?

How late is the Closest Grocery Store Open 24 Hours near Me?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to buy something urgently late at night but were not sure about how late is the closest grocery store open near you? You are not alone who is unsure about the grocery store open timings. If we have a look at the recent survey then you will be amazed after knowing the results. More than half of the population (60%) do not know how late is the closest grocery store open today.

However, if you are staying in a small town then the nearest grocery store may be open till 9 pm but some may close at 10 pm. So, it might be frustrating if you did not find any grocery shop open nearby and need an urgent thing.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you the ways by which you can search for the location and directions for the closest grocery store. Let’s get started.

how late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours

How to Find out How Late is the Grocery Store Open near around?

However, technology has entered every field of life yet some people don’t know how to utilize it properly. But don’t worry, we are here to let you know the ways by which you can check how late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours. So, here are some of the sources to find it out:

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Recently Quikr has created a website known as “still open”. It assists users in finding out or locating the nearby and closest grocery store. It will show you a list of stores that usually remain open and work for 24 hours straight seven days a week. There are several features of the website which offer useful information such as:

  • Nearby Covid-19 Centres
  • Nearby Open Medical Clinics
  • Nearby Grocery Stores
  • Still Open Grocery Stores
  • Nearby Park
  • Nearby Hospital
  • Nearby Dentist and Many more

Here you can also add your reviews with images after purchasing from any store. Your reviews will help people in knowing about how trustworthy is that store.


Walnut app has launched a new feature named “find a store nearby”. This new tool or feature helps people in searching for a store that remains open for 24 hrs. Additionally, you can know about the schedule, rules, and regulations of that grocery store. You can also look for whether the store has several necessary items or not. This application is available on the Google Play Store free of cost, you can download it.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is also one of the most effective and user-friendly tools which can help you in finding out, how late is the closest grocery store open. Moreover, along with the store, it will provide you with the necessary information or details such as reviews of the store, and star ratings. Additionally, it will tell you whether the store is open or closed now or if it will be open 24hrs or not.

how late is the closest grocery store open now

If you search for a particular store address in google maps, it will also show you a similar list of grocery stores, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Additionally, it will tell you whether your nearby grocery stores are still open or closed. Additionally, the phone numbers of some grocery store owners so that you can contact them and ask for your requirements.

List of the Biggest Multinational Supermarkets

There are so many supermarkets that are open 24hrs. These are famous across the globe:

  1. 7-Eleven is established in a total of 46,000 different locations.
  2. Carrefour is established in a total of 10,103 different locations.
  3. 24SEVEN are established in a total of 120 different locations – in India.
  4. Walmart is established in a total of 11,088 different locations.
  5. Aldi is established in a total of 10,366 different locations.
  6. SPAR is established in a total of 13,500 different locations.

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Why do People Prefer to Shop from a Grocery Store?

Shopping from a grocery store is convenient and time-saving as well. Shoppers can find everything they need in one place. It provides buyers with countless benefits because they can get a pretty discount on things. However, in small towns still, there is no availability of supermarkets or online groceries. But soon it is reaching each corner. Here are some of the main benefits of the nearest grocery stores:

No Closed Working Hours

Additionally, online grocery stores are open 24/7.  So, people can order anything they require whenever they feel like it. If you are not aware that how late is the closest grocery store open, then you can search for it online.


Time is a precious thing that online grocery shopping saves efficiently. Personally visiting a grocery store means driving to the store, facing traffic jams, and finding parking. Moreover, after shopping, you need to wait in the billing queue. Using this time for other activities would be much better. On the other hand, if you order online your time can be saved.

No Rush

Online grocery stores are the best option for people who are introverts and don’t feel comfortable placing orders offline. So, sit on your sofa with your mobile or laptop while enjoying your tea or coffee. Order groceries and save yourself from fighting with the long queues at the offline store.

how late is the closest grocery store open today

Huge Variety of Options

A nearby supermarket has just restricted extra room and can’t keep in stock each item that a shopper might need. These limits don’t make a difference to a web-based store so online merchants can offer their clients a lot more extensive scope of items than is probably going to be accessible coming up. Consequently, a web-based supermarket can satisfy even the most uncommon solicitations.


How to find closest grocery store to me?

There are so many apps where you can look for grocery stores open near me such as Google Maps, Quikr, and Walnut.

How late is the closest grocery store open 24 hours?

You can find directions to the closest grocery store online.

Is a home delivery option available at online grocery stores?

Yes, home delivery is available at these stores.

Can I shop 24/7 from online grocery stores?

Yes, almost each grocery store delivers at home but some of them are not delivering.


We have discussed how late is the closest grocery store open. Many people are not aware of how late is the closest store open today. We have tried our best to explain the answers to all of your questions. But, remember that the opening and closing timing of each grocery store is different. Read the complete article to know the answer in detail.

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