Here is Why You Cannot Ignore Fiber Network Services for Business

Here is Why You Cannot Ignore Fiber Network Services for Business

Are you still you copper and telephone cables for the internet connection? Are you having difficulties with limited bandwidth? Does the internet speed slow down when the load increases? It is time to upgrade your network connection to fiber optic cables.

If you notice, most enterprises, small, medium and large, have already switched over to fiber network and are experiencing high-speed network connectivity at all times. They are making full use of the advantages of fiber optics to migrate their business system to the cloud, have video conferences, and improve the productivity of the employees.

Why should you stick to the outdated cables which are not able to fully sustain the increasing demands of the business? Why should the business suffer in this competitive market because of a slow internet connection?

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics were introduced decades ago. It was an advanced and better method to transmit data over long distances. The concept of fiber optics is different from how the telephone lines work. These cables are thinner, durable, and stronger. They can easily carry huge amounts of data over 40 miles, that too, without the requirement for a boost in signal strength.

While telephone lines (which are also used for internet connection) have been designed to carry audio files, fiber optic cables can carry all kinds of data, such as multimedia, text, audio, video, etc. When fiber optics was first launched, there weren’t many takers, mainly due to the high cost of investment in setting up the network. The fiber optic cable was/is costlier than the telephone cable. But as the years passed, more and more service providers came into the market, resulting in a reduction of prices. Multinational organizations and startup enterprises alike began to replace their existing internet network with a fiber network.

When the cloud platform entered the market, enterprises that were using fiber optics found it easier to connect to the cloud. This encouraged other enterprises, and today we have most of the enterprises using this network for business internet.

Fiber Network Service Providers

Fiber Network Services Providers for Business have been offering quality services for affordable prices. Right from suggesting the type of service package to installation to maintenance to providing round the clock technical support, the service providers have been ensuring that enterprises have no issues with the network connection.

Continuous network connectivity has helped enterprises to expand the business, create new opportunities in the industry, and increase return on investment. Employee productivity and satisfaction improved, and so did customer satisfaction. The cost of daily operations reduced, allowing enterprises to decrease investment and increase profit.

Long Distance Connectivity

Fiber network spread across the metros and cities and is now easily available in towns and villages. The location of the enterprises is no more an issue when it comes to signal strength or internet connectivity. Unlike in the previous days where an enterprise with an office outside the city had to face problems with constant network interruption, with fiber optics there are no such issues.

Safe from Changing Weather Conditions/

You might be worried about the changing weather conditions, especially if your region is prone to extreme climatic conditions or natural calamities such as cyclones and snowstorms. DSL and copper cables get disconnected and cannot survive adverse weather. But fiber optic cables have been designed to sustain in most harsh conditions.

The cables are strong and prevent the outside conditions from damaging or affecting data transmission. Even if there is a storm, you can access the internet if you have this network connection.

Free from External Sabotages

Loss of data is not uncommon when using DSL or copper cables. The presence of an electromagnetic field can cause disruptions to the service and result in data loss. The electromagnetic field can wreak havoc on copper cables. But fiber optic cables are free from such external influences.

Unless someone physically damages the fiber optic cables, it is almost impossible to tamper with the fiber optic network. This further reduces the risk of sabotage.

Though the bandwidth is not unlimited, enterprises do not have to worry about using up the bandwidth. With as many benefits, you can no more ignore the importance of the fiber optics network for business.

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