Four Tools to Help Building Firms Thrive

Four Tools to Help Building Firms Thrive

Whether you’re a one-off trader working in your local area, or you run a larger firm that employs dozens of people, you’ll know that the tools that you use dictate the efficiency and accuracy of your work. Old tools that are growing faulty can mean you make more mistakes on the job, while new tools with high functionality help you cut down your time spent laboring, which means you can get to more jobs and increase your daily rate of pay. Here are four tools that you must invest in to enjoy the benefits of modern building technology.

Welding Guns 

The welding gun is your best friend in so many scenarios. For one, it’s the go-to tool if you’re doing any kind of connecting. You’ll use a glue gun to fix wood, a foam gun to seal areas, and a plastic sealant gun to do a little of both. Using a hot gun that shoots out the material you need to get the fix down quickly is hugely time-saving, and plastic welding should be your first port of call. Find the best model for you to move away from manual, time-consuming gap sealants to something far more intuitive and speedy.


They are rather cumbersome tools and will take up a lot of room in your van or truck. But being able to buff floors is a well sought-after capability that’ll set you apart from other traders in your locality. Not only do all wooden floors require a buff every year, but plenty of larger facilities like schools, gyms, and offices all usually have a floor that rehires buffing. So adding this tool to your repertoire will help you secure more work – well-paid and simple to perform.


Of course, there are ma dual multi-tools that you carry around with you everywhere – something that can slip into your pocket or onto your best to help you address minor building or maintenance issues. But there are also the larger electronic multi-tools, which you can do all sorts of things with by simply fitting a different component onto the motorized body. These tools are expensive, but the range of tasks that they can perform certainly makes them worth your investment. Find the best-priced multi-tool to add to your collection and to keep your storage room less cluttered with multiple machines.

Digital Apps

The building industry is slowly changing with the times. And one of the ways it’s doing it is with a range of useful apps: tools like physical tools, but all contained on your phone. You’d be foolish not to search these out to see which might help to save you time and money. You might not be used to using your phone on the job, preferring manual processes, but if you can integrate the best digital technology for builders into your daily work, you’ll find you’re more efficient and effective at a multitude of tasks.

Bring in these four tools to help your building business thrive as we head towards 2022.

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