Extramovies | Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies Online

Extramovies | Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies Online

Extramovies: The technology comes with both advantages and disadvantages. There are some things on the internet as well as illegal are also presented there. Millions of websites are running in the technology world. Some are legal websites and some are illegal websites. But both have the same popularity across the world. If you are thinking of downloading the movies online then you must have heard about extramovie.

What are your views about extramovies cc? Do you know everything about this website? If not then you are in right place. This article is specially written for those who are not aware of extramovies.

What is Extramovies?

Extramovies casa is basically a pirated movie downloading website. All the content presented on the website is in the pirated form whether it is movies, TV shows, web series, songs, cartoons, etc. Extramovies.in makes it possible for you to download free movies. Basically, all types of movies are available to download for free at extramovie. If you are reading this article right now means you were searching exactly for this platform. Most welcome as this is the best platform where you can know everything about extramovies.casa. The downloading process of this website is very simple. Download movies is a task of few minutes from extra movie.casa.


In decrepit times people used to watch everything on television. Even to watch a movie they wait for its streaming on the television. It was a very long process. Now in the era of technology, all things are seen on the mobile phone itself. A human being is more and more dependent on mobiles. There are enormous sources of entertainment. Some of them are legal and some of them are illegal. However, pirated websites also have a huge fan following. They are as much popular as legal platforms. Extramovies is also one of their illegal platforms. Let’s read more about extramovie.

What is the Format of Movies on Extramovies?

There are distinct format of movies available on extramovies cc. Some of the formats can be 320p, 420p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD etc. But maximum audience prefers to download 720p movies. The movies downloaded in 720p format access less memory space also these are in good quality pictures. 720p movies can be easily seen in mobile phones in good quality. As well as HD movies are also downloaded most because these can be seen in good quality on laptops, LCD also.

Here is Different Formats of Movies Available on Extra Movie:

  • MP4 Movies
  • MKV Movies
  • 408p Movies
  • 720p Movies
  • 1020p Movies
  • 1080p Movies
  • BlueRay Movies

Distinct Movies Size Available on Extra Movie:

  • 300MB Movies
  • 400MB Movies
  • 600MB Movies
  • 1GB Movies
  • 2GB Movies
  • 4GB Movies

Alternatives of Extramovies.in

These days huge options are there on the internet from where you can download the movies totally for free. Alternatives are both legal and illegal. So, before visiting any pirated website, keep one thing in mind that visiting pirated websites is also considered an illegal task. Suppose you visited extramovies casa only for once. As already explained Extramovies.casa is a pirated website, so visiting this website means you are supporting piracy. That is why, you are advised to visit legal platforms such as AmazonPrime, Netflix, ZeeStudio, etc.


Is Extramovies Safe?

Accessing torrent websites means you are illegally watching and downloading the movies. Strict punishment and laws are generated by the Indian Government to stop running the pirated websites on the internet. Yet there are huge new pirated websites are launching in the market on daily basis. The creators and owners of these websites may have to face the punishments as it is a cybercrime. Because of the pirated websites like extramovies pink the real owners of the content are facing huge losses. The owners of extramovie continue changing their domain address because they are having huge benefits. Here are the different domain names of extramovies:

  • extramovies.casa
  • extramovies. Casa
  • extramovies in
  • extramovies.in
  • extra movies.casa
  • extramovies. In
  • extramovies.case
  • extramovie.casa
  • extramovie.trade
  • extramovies.casas
  • extramovie.in
  • extra movie. In
  • extramovies.top
  • extramovies. cc
  • extramovies. wiki
  • extramovi
  • extramovis
  • www.extra movie.com
  • extra movie.in
  • extra movies.us
  • extram ovies.in
  • extramovies.press
  • extramovies.biz
  • extramovies.today
  • extramovies.fit

How to Download Movies Online From Extramovies.in?

The website is user-friendly and downloading movies from this platform is also easy. You can download Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, tollywwod, Hollywood, Bollywood movies from here. Animated movies are also available. It’s very effortless to download the content according to your taste. Even you do not need to create an account on the website to download movies. In order to download the movies you just need to visit the website and search for the movie which you want to download. There is a search bar available in the top right corner. The least but most important thing to keep in mind is to type the name correctly.

Once you are done with the search task. The movie which you searched for will appear in front of you. Now you can easily download it from here by clicking on the download option. If you are unable to find the movie then no need to worry. Here is another option available on the website i.e. Category. Yes absolutely, movies are categorized into various sections for the user’s convenience. The categories are Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian, Tollywood, Tamil, Horror, Comedy, Romantic, and many more. Try this method out.



What is Extramovie?

It is a pirated platform to download movies online.

Is it right to use pirated websites?

No, it is totally unfair to use such pirated websites.

Is it free to use exta movies?

Yes, it is absolutely free to use.

Why not use pirated websites?

Just because these websites are running on the internet against DOT rule.


If you do not want to read the complete article then you can read the conclusion. It will assist you in understanding the things explained in the complete article. We have discussed the website named “Extramovies”. It is a pirated website. By pirated we mean that the whole content updated on the website is unauthorized. This is totally illegal. The government of India has made strict laws against the owners of such websites. They keep blocking pirated websites. But still, new websites are launching on daily basis.

We do not support the pirated websites and you are also not advised to see the pirated content. This article is just to make you aware of staying away from illegal sources of entertainment. If you are in the mood to entertain yourself then try out the various legal platforms available on the internet.

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