EUR69M in Series C Funding Raised by Frankfurt Germany Based Clark

EUR69M in Series C Funding Raised by Frankfurt Germany Based Clark

Digitalization has completely changed our life. Our life is completely transformed with everything going digital. From sharing the happiest or saddest moments of our lives on social media to virtual shopping it has made our lives easier. Digital technology is a power that is driving monstrous changes in the insurance sector as well. Recently, Clark, a Germany-based insurance company has secured EUR69m in Series C funding. The frankfurt germanybased clark 69m series has become a topic of discussion in insurance sectors.

However, frankfurt clark 69m series brought Euro69M in June 2019 but still, they are ranking at the top in the field of Digital Insurance. In this article, we will explain everything about frankfurt germanybased clark series. So, keep reading.

frankfurt clark 69m series

Everything about Clark 69m Series

Clark is a digital insurance manager company based in Germany. Their only aim is to re-evaluate the insurance industry with modern and new insurance items. Their goal is to make insurance part of everyday life by making it easy and understandable as well. As a result of the organization’s vision and future potential, Clark make it possible to raise €69M in Series C Funding in June 2019.

Moreover, the hard work and strategies made it possible to achieve success. There are three things that are common in Clark’s founders. The things are History, Proven concept, and Flat hierarchy. The company was founded in 2015. They are widely known for assisting people to get the right insurance coverage according to their needs. Additionally, the customer-facing platform of the company is so unique and user-friendly. They integrate data intelligence with personal contact with insurance advisors.

Clark 69m series platform is currently being used by more than 3 Lakh customers. Moreover, now they are aiming to become Europe’s leading digital insurance manager with more than 300,000 customers in Germany. Currently, Clark is available in Frankfurt, Vienna, and Hamburg. They will continue to work on their reputation so that they can expand their services into other European markets as well. If you are also planning to take frankfurt germanybased clark 69m insurance policy then below are some reasons why to choose.

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frankfurt germanybased clark series

Reasons to Choose Frankfurt Clark 69m

No doubt, the ultimate goal of Clark is to provide benefits to the customers from lower costs and increased service quality. Being a company, it provides the customers with a solution that not only provides them with insurance but also advice and support. So, without any doubt, you can choose frankfurt germanybased 69m. Here are the main reasons:

Less Cost of Labour

The Clark 69m Series is an illustration of the level pecking order, an association structure that lessens the requirement for central administration. The advantages of this kind of design incorporate less staff turnover, less center administration, and lower work costs. Besides, level progressive systems are many times more responsible and give supervisors more opportunities. They might be more adaptable, yet they frequently don’t have similar authority as center chiefs. This is a detriment to a level progressive system and can make it difficult for associations to move as quickly as they would like.

Provides Computerized Protection

Clark has more than 300,000 customers in Germany. However, it is not an easy task for many with this huge data. But germanybased clark 69m series made it possible with the assistance of its computerized protection supervisors. They aim to make the protection part justifiable and simple. Digital insurance manager Clark raised EUR69 million in Series C funding. So, the best way to utilize the funding in increasing the protection and expand its business across the globe.

Germanybased Clark 69m

Improved Quality of Insurance Products

Simulated intelligence will work on the general nature of protection items by dissecting the subtleties of a policyholder’s set of experiences. AI calculations and prescient displaying will distinguish deceitful cases. Mechanizing regulatory errands and cases will bring about cost decreases.

Therefore, organizations can bring down expenses and draw in new clients. With decreased costs, safety net providers can contend all the more successfully on the lookout. Computerization will set aside time and cash, and safety net providers will actually want to pass these reserve funds onto their clients. In this way, clark 69m will improve the quality of the products which are available for insurance.

What are the Advantages of Clark Digital Insurance

There are so many benefits of digital insurance. 95% of insurance companies have gone digital and they are providing insurance policies online to the people. Moreover, customers can register a claim online. Let’s discuss the advantages of digitizing the insurance claim process:

Best Customer Experience

No doubt digital insurance aims to better customer experience. Before the existence of digital insurance, a customer had to go to the insurance company himself or they need to call the customer care number in order to register a claim. Even some companies still ask the customers to claim by calling but most companies have started allowing customers to register claims online.

clark 69m series

Undoubtedly online registration is more convenient and customer-friendly. Moreover, most insurance provider companies have their own mobile applications. These applications can be downloaded on mobile phones and you can check the status of your policies yourself. All of these qualities enhance the whole customer experience.

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Automatic Claiming Process

The claiming process of Frankfurt 69m series insurance company is automatic. Each task is accomplished online, whether it is filling out the claim or managing the documents. It is possible just because of artificial intelligence. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, online insurance companies are able to implement all the procedures for customers. Moreover, it provides the necessary suggestions to the customers with AI. In fact, claim amount payment is automatically made online.

However, the customers don’t need to collect the cheque like before, and also no need to wait for a long time to get it cleared. Additionally, the amount is transferred automatically to the beneficiary’s account online.

Better Communication Building

With frankfurt germanybased 69m online insurance, it is simpler for the business as well as the clients to contact one another. Organizations utilize online entertainment stages to illuminate the clients about new items and changes in existing approaches. It additionally empowers them to take perception of any grumblings or ideas from the clients connected with the case method. Besides, clients can likewise contact the safety net provider on the off chance that a case settlement is stuck for quite a while. It has been noticed that expounding on a stale case via virtual entertainment stages helps in the quicker settlement of cases.

germanybased 69m series


What is Clark?

It is one of the best online insurance companies which is famous for frankfurt germanybased clark 69m series.

Why did the Term frankfurt clark 69m series become popular?

Because Clark company brought Euro69M in June 2019 and still they are ranking on the top in the field of Digital Insurance.

Where is Clark 69m Located?

It is located in Germany.

Who are the main members of the investment team Clark?

The main members are Jens Wenzel, Hendrik Bockenheimer, Jan Bonhage, and Marius Mayer.


One of the best digital insurance providing companies named clark is based in Germany. The company has raised €69M in Series C Funding in June 2019. That is why frankfurt germanybased clark 69m series has become a topic of discussion around the globe. Moreover, they aim to become Europe’s leading digital insurance manager with more than 300,000 customers in Germany.

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