Deepgram Raised $25 Million from Tiger Global in Order to Expand the Power of Voice Data and Unlock Enterprise Speech Recognition Platform


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Speech recognition platform is grown too much these days. This technology has raised the great attention in the market. Deepgram is a startup company related to Speech Recognition technology. It has raised $25 million as a part of Series B funding. In March 2020 they announced their Series A. However, enterprises started to recognize the impact of this technology on their business. That is why the news “deepgram 25m global 30m wiggersventurebeat” became viral. Although there was no competition between the companies as it was a new technology. So, there was no hesitation to adopt speech recognition.

The existing users were working fine after using this solution. So, there is no such fear of risk in anybody’s mind. Everything was working fine until COVID-19 hit. Companies were at an articulation point and they were forced to track advanced change drives very quickly. They had to implement their plans in a month which were supposed to be implemented in a year. Furthermore, rapidly changing groups to a remote workforce.

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Deepgram 25m Series Tiger

Deepgram is the best-known company for providing voice transcription analytics and in batches and in real time. Their devices are experts in recognizing presentations, internal meetings, presentations, and other customer interactions. Moreover, they claim to provide higher efficiency and better accuracy for their speech recognition products. Their product efficiency is greater than 95%. Deepgram 25m series tiger 30m wiggersventurebeat gains more than 40 new enterprise clients. In order to provide the customers with satisfying services they hire almost 50 more new people.

Stephenson said it is not an easy task to build an AI company. It is more difficult as compared to a standard SaaS Company. It is risky as well because firstly you have to experiment with your own data. But fortunately, we have developed a way to train our employees without using our own data. We have developed a technique where you just need to let us know the main keywords of your data. So, this was everything about deepgram 25m series tiger global 30m wiggersventurebeat.

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