Dating On Tinder App: Read Various Facts And Tips How To Use Tinder Secretly

Dating On Tinder App: Read Various Facts And Tips How To Use Tinder Secretly

What is Tinder

Tinder is a famous social networking and dating app, which has a million users. With tinder app, dating has gotten easier. It is a totally free mobile application. Tinder makes it very easy for you to find potential mates in your nearby area. This app can even help beginners to find an FWB relationship. If you are living in a small town, there are good chances that the people around you using that app too. There is a common question, which everyone asks about tinder. The question is: is it for a serious relationship or just hook up? The truth about tinder is that: it’s used for both.

How Tinder Works

Tinder is a user-friendly app. It is very quick and easy to understand. Here are simple steps to understand the working of tinder:

  • Download Tinder App: –

    The First thing you need to do is downloading the tinder app. Tinder app is available on both IOS and Android phones.

  • Create Your Account: –

    After downloading the app, open it up, Log into it. Now next very important step is to create a tinder account. There are a few things which app will ask you to confirm. It will ask you to connect your phone’s location to tinder. Don’t click No. After selecting NO you wouldn’t be able to connect with potential matches near you. For tinder, location is everything.

  • Upload An Eye-Catching Profile Picture: –

    Pictures play a very important role in your Tinder profile. You need to have a great collection of pictures. In which your attributes are highlighted perfectly. The pictures which can express your physique better. Most people do not like the selfies, avoid uploading selfie pictures. Use pictures without sunglasses, which shows your face properly. You can test your tinder profile pictures on Photofeeler.

tinder profile

  • Don’t Do The Mistake of Leaving Bio Empty: –

    Upload a good profile picture and write a bio. You can update a short bio or it can be longer. Your bio can be a funny sentence too. Usually, tinder bio should be sweeter and shorter. You don’t need to write bulky characters to explain your life story.

  • Modifications in Account: –

    There will be a lot of option which you will be asked to choose. Before choosing any option, keep one thing in mind that people will judge you on the basis of information which you will choose.

Tips For Using Tinder Secretly: –

The below mentioned tips will help you to keep your Tinder Profile private from your Facebook account.

  • Increase Your Facebook Privacy: –

    There are a lot of people who still use Facebook without any privacy. So it is advised you to update your privacy. As your colleagues and boss can see the stuff you have on tinder.

  • Tweak Tinder Settings: –

    The easiest way to keep your Tinder Profile Hidden from Facebook friends is to tweak the Tinder Settings. If you are fed up with the Facebook friend’s messages on tinder, head to Tinder Settings. For turning off Tinder Social click the switch to Show Me On Tinder Social. This step will help to stop your Facebook friends from spotting you on Tinder.

Tinder Profile Hidden

  • Remove Facebook Data From Tinder: –

    Remove your Facebook information from tinder. In Facebook app settings there is an option available for tinder. This option is for contacting the developer. You can contact the developer and ask them to remove all of your Facebook Information from tinder permanently.

That’s what Tinder is all about. Enter the secret world of tinder by downloading the tinder app.

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