Considerations When Purchasing a Casket

Considerations When Purchasing a Casket

Are you thinking about caskets for your loved one? There are chances you’re wondering what factors should be considered when selecting a casket? There’s a wide range of caskets to choose from today, and it can be frustrating trying to find the right casket for your loved one. It’s helpful to keep in mind the following considerations; size, color, material, and customization.

  1. Size and Weight

Since a casket is meant to hold a deceased human being, it can range from extremely large and heavy caskets to be carried by pallbearers, to smaller caskets meant for cremation. To better understand the weight of caskets, it’s important to know the size and type that you want.

The weight is dependent on the material it’s made of, and caskets are heavier than most people assume. It can weigh anywhere from 100 to more than 1,000 pounds. However, caskets that are meant to be carried by pallbearers or used for viewing purposes tend to be lighter. A casket with handles on each side, so it can be moved by pallbearers, is usually made of wood or fiberboard. The dimensions are not always the same and caskets that are all metal tend to weigh less than caskets that are mainly wooden.

  1. Color of the Casket

Coffins from Titan Casket come in all types of colors, including pink caskets to signify femininity or a casket covered in a color representative of a favorite flower. Coffin buyers can select caskets with colors that mirror their preferences, beliefs, and memories. Since caskets are placed inside cemeteries forever, casket buyers should consider what they want others to remember about casket owners.

  1. Casket Construction Material

It’s important to note that caskets are usually constructed by hand for each individual order or specific customer needs. For example, caskets are not supposed to have any nails or screws showing on the outside of the casket because these could theoretically come loose. In recent years federal legislation has forced casket manufacturers to comply with new safety standards to attempt to reduce the risk of caskets collapsing or casket lids breaking open. Casket suppliers will sell caskets in many different materials including oak, brass, steel, and bronze caskets. However, if a coffin is purchased commercially and buried in the ground, the quality of the materials used becomes more essential and it needs to be considered.

  1. Customization of the Casket

Customized caskets can be bought online from casket makers. An order can take up to 3 months before it is finished and shipped. The casket can receive engravings and colors but it cannot bear a company logo or seal upon its exterior. Monogramming of initials on certain caskets is allowed, but it must be built with a metal plate to hold the engraving. Some caskets come already decorated and caskets do not allow any kind of decoration or customization at all.

Understanding casket features can make the purchase easier, simpler, and stress-free.

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