Budget-Friendly Wedding Destination In India

Budget-Friendly Wedding Destination In India

Weddings are unique and a one-time affair, hence they need to be celebrated with all the passion we have. Destination weddings may look expensive, but there are many off-beat and budget-friendly places in India itself where you can plan a wedding under your budget. Having said that, we all want our friends and family to come together for a gala celebration and leave no space even to move. But, destination weddings are a private affair, and only the dearest ones are invited. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic in India has restrained the gathering to only 50 persons. This itself solves the budget problem. We have curated a list of places in India where you can plan your destination wedding on a budget.

List of Budget-Friendly wedding destinations in India:

1. Goa

Who said having a beach wedding can be very expensive. There are many hotels and motels in Goa that will give you an excellent rate on your bookings. You can book for 50 guests and try to find out if they can accept caterers you suggest. Also, try to keep the functions for a matter of 2 days. There is nothing more peaceful than reciting the wedding vows amidst the blue sky and harmonious waves. For a budget wedding, we suggest Riva Beach Resort, Marbella Beach Resort, or Pride Sun Village Resort. All these have an occupancy of atleast 150 guests.

2. Mussoorie

A very under-rated hill station that we avoid on usual trips can be the perfect location for your wedding. Now, you might be thinking about why we must select a destination like Mussoorie. Isn’t it evident that we all want our weddings in winter when we can flaunt our clothes and chuck ample booze for the hills and the cold breeze fellas? You will never regret your cocktails party here. The staying options you can opt for are Royal Orchid Fort Resort that is undoubtedly a hill bliss.

3. Jaislamer

Who doesn’t want to be part of a royal wedding? What if we tell you can opt for a royal wedding in Jaislamer. This will be a dream come true because of the decreased guest list, and hence, all the wedding budget you saved can be used for tying a knot amidst the fairytale scenic locations. There are many places you can opt for Hotel Rawalkot, Mandir Palace, Himmatgarh Palace, and much more. You can even choose for local entertainment to add the extra charm to your wedding.

4. Nasik

We suggest taking a flight to Nasik for the fantastic destination wedding of yours. You are surely going to embrace the beauty of it forever. You can use Spicejet offers to get additional benefits. The best place to celebrate your D-day in Nasik is the Sula Vineyards. The location gives a mystic feel at night with open decorations and the best wines to choose from. However, avoid celebrations during the Wine Fest as it only adds to the charismatic settings.

5. Kolkata

It can be a crowded city, but looking forward to the given situation of the Pandemic, it is silent and beautiful. While roaming around, one can easily relish the delicacies here and, the fantastic British architecture only adds a magical touch to the entire city. There are many economical yet lavish resorts and hotels you can look forward to the enticing experience. However, we suggest avoiding monsoons and planning a winter wedding here. There are lots of festivities going on around this time. Kolkata has to be in your bucket list if you are looking forward to tying the knot soon.

6. Khajuraho

It is located in Madhya Pradesh and mostly preferred for the pre-wedding shoot. Why don’t you make it your wedding destination then? You can opt for the Kandariya Mahadev Temple, which is both artistic and ancient. This will add the much-needed blessings of lord shiva. Every Indian girl dreams of having a husband like Shiva, so take your chances and plan a traditional wedding for yourself. You can also get some other temples to host your weddings, so always keep your options open.

7. Andaman Islands

Another beach wedding awaits you when you are on the Andaman Islands. The pristine and crystal clear beaches will give you the best wedding ever. You can plan this wedding with very close relatives and book tickets in advance so that you don’t have to bear enormous charges for a last-minute booking.

8. Alibaug

It is a very secluded place, and it is quite an off-beat and unique place to be celebrating your wedding. There is no crowd and nothing to disrupt your ceremonies. It also makes one of the best wedding venues for Indian weddings.


These are the off-beat budget-friendly destination wedding venues you can plan to put on your cards. Also, we suggest keeping many options in-hand so that you don’t have to face last-minute chaos. Do let us know if you have any other venues to share so that everyone can get a fair chance to have their dreams come true.

Aside from the other things to do in your weddings like a wedding dress, invitations, decorations, flowers, table set up, table and chair covers, bulk lace table runners that you bought in advance, we suggest keeping many options in hand so that you don’t have to face last-minute chaos.

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