Best Way to Download Web Series Free 2020

Best Way to Download Web Series Free 2020

People know how to download movies from various sources but when it comes to download they prefer the paid websites or streaming apps, the reason behind this is they don’t think Web series download is as easy as it is to download movies. The problem is most people don’t even try to download web series because they think it’s gonna be difficult, but let me clear to you that downloading web series is as easy as watching them online or downloading any other content from the free web sites.

In this article, we are gonna tell you how to download web series from various sources and by the end of the article you are gonna be a pro. So let’s get to know how to download a web series so that you can watch a good series and have a good time! Get all new updates about technology, apps, games and websites at Techiwar.

Downloading Movies From Free Websites

If you are used to downloading movies from free websites then it’s gonna be an easy task for you, but even if you are a beginner and looking ways to download web series from free websites then don’t worry we are gonna tell you everything about it. Just follow the below-listed steps and you will be good to go.

Step 1. Search for free website to download web series

If you don’t know any website to download web series then you can simply google it or search for the best website to download web series and it will give you the link of various websites. Among them, you can choose a website and go there to explore its content.

Step 2.  Search for the web series

Now after opening the website, you need to see if the web series you are looking for is available or not, if it is then you can click on the link. You can also search for the specific season or episode of that particular website.

Step 3. Get the link

After searching the website will provide you various links for that particular web series and you can choose the quality and size of the web series (download the HD quality to get a good experience or you can choose the lower quality if you have network issues).

Step 4. Download it

The last step would click on the download link and it will be downloaded in your phone within a few minutes.

Just like that, you will get your favorite web series on any website, now you can enjoy the web series wherever you want.

How to Download Web Series From Torrent?

Though websites are a simpler way to download the websites some people would still suggest you download web series from torrent. But if you are the one who finds it difficult to understand how to download the web series from torrent then here is the full guide on how you can do it.

Step 1. Download VPN and torrent app

The first thing you need to understand is that torrent is an illegal way to download anything and that is why many governments have banned it. But you can use the torrent by hiding your VPN and for that, you need to install a secure VPN app. You will also need to download the torrent app.

After doing so just open the VPN app and hide your VPN and then open the torrent app.

Step 2. Search the web series

Torrent has a search option where you can enter the web series name along with season and episode (or you can download a full web series). The search will open in the browser and you can select the web series from there.

Step 3. Get the link and download

Open any website provided by torrent and get the link of web series, you will also get a choice for the quality and size, choose the link that suits you the best and click on the download link. It will open in torrent and where the downloading will be completed.

After the download is complete you can close the torrent app and VPN app and now you can enjoy your web series anywhere anytime.

We hope this guide is helpful for you and you have understood how to download the web series.

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