Best Things to Do in Hamptons, Long Island

Best Things to Do in Hamptons, Long Island

The Hamptons in Long Island is one of the go-to places by tourists whenever they are in New York. Some New Yorkers even consider this as a vacation spot Upstate. It is popular because it is a seaside area, facing the Atlantic Ocean. So you would expect a great view of the ocean and majestic coastal views. In this piece, we will provide you a quick guide to Hamptons to ensure that you would have a great time while in the area.

1. Visit Jackson Pollock’s Home Studio

Constructed in 1879, the Pollock-Krasner homestead is a small, modest house with a barn studio which is set on one and a half acres. Overlooking Accabonac Creek, the home studio is the place where the artist-led a quite the turbulent life — struggling with persisting episodes of depression and alcoholism.

If you are around the area for your holiday, do not miss the chance to marvel at Pollock’s artwork at the National Historic Landmark Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center located in East Hampton. The home studio is open to visitors who want to explore the magnificent Abstract Expressionist painter’s still-intact home, where the artist laid his canvases on the floor to drizzle paint over work-of-art, such as Blue Poles.

2. See a Show at the Suffolk Theater

Hailed as the “the Radio City Music Hall of Long Island”, this 350-seat Art Deco theater is now one of the centers of attraction in Hamptons, Long Island for giving both locals and tourists alike an incredible entertainment experience. The Suffolk Theater was renovated in 2013, showcasing a new LED marquee that lights up in Main Street located in Riverhead where different shows are being held, such as a performance space that can be set up cabaret-style. Different acts from touring artists are also being held in Suffolk Theater so if you are around the area, try to see if there is anything that you would love to see is going to your next adventure.

3. Do Some Wine Tasting on The North Fork

If you love wine and you want to do some wine tasting while in the beautiful are of Hamptons, why don’t you take yourself and your loved ones in a sweet ferry trip to the bay of the North Fork? Here, you will be awed by a tour where dozens of wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms are waiting to make your love for wine stronger than ever. At many of them, you can walk your way through a flight of different wines while getting a majestic prime view of the Long Island Sound, such as Croteaux and Corey Creek.

4. Hike the Quogue Wildlife Refuge

If you are the adventurous type of traveler and you want to feel some adrenaline rush while touring Hamptons, Long Island, worry no more as the Quogue Wildlife Refuge offers you the adventure you are looking for. Comprising a stretch of seven miles of trails, the Quogue Wildlife Refuge is a network of ponds, forest, and a pine grove of rare short-and-squat dwarf pines. The Quogue Wildlife Refuge is also a settlement home to native New York species that can no longer be outdoors due to injuries, such as a bald eagle, a bobcat, falcons, owls, and hawks.

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