Best Exterior Design Trends for 2022

Best Exterior Design Trends for 2022

Exterior design trends have changed a lot over the years. However, with 2022 being a completely new era (post-pandemic). The way people live and look at their houses has changed (we suspect it is because of the multiple lockdowns). The exterior design trends, with this change in thinking, have also changed a lot. And for 2022 (our first ever semi-normal year), we are going to see long-lasting trends that will soon turn into classics! This is also the first year when the exterior design has become as important and as exciting. Because interior design- with way more homeowners interested in making their houses look beautiful inside out. Here are some of the trends that will turn big in 2022.

All season outdoors

All-season outdoors refers to porches and backyard gardens that stay functional and aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. Despite the changing weather and seasons. This might mean a hammock in the summer and a fire pit in the winter. But what it means is plants and nature that do not die or wither with the changing seasons. You can incorporate an all-season outdoor space.

Make sure that you add all the elements required to make it comfortable throughout the year. If summers are hot or warm, it will be a clever idea to install a hammock. A water feature in the place that seems to get the most sun. If winters are usually cold and bitter, have a fire pit or fire space installed in a cozy corner. It can be ignored during the summer. Depending on the way weather changes in your area, you should plan an outdoor space that suits your necessities.

Try using more of the local flora in your space to ensure that they are suited for the changes. This will also promote the growth of local plants and will stop invasive species from being introduced into your garden.

Natural light- bigger windows

Interior design has quickly escalated to include as much natural light as possible, and for all the right reasons! Natural light is important for making the space look bigger and brighter. It also helps with increasing the number of indoor plants in the space- therefore, introducing fresher air. Natural light has also been known to uplift mood and reduce stress- and with the stressful years we had, no wonder they have become so important! The need for bugger windows automatically translates into the exteriors, as it affects the entire proportion of the house as well as the design.

The exterior design trends are, therefore, include large panoramic windows, along with floor-to-ceiling windows or balcony doors. And this trend, we are guessing, is here to stay- especially with biophilic living becoming so popular.

Bright accents

For years now, neutrals have dominated the exterior design trends around the world. The blacks, whites, and neutrals are considered classic- and we understand why. They go with everything, offer a classic appeal and there is no place where you can go wrong with them. And this is what makes them boring- to the point that they are no longer needed. Instead, brighter accents that uplift the house and add a touch of personality to the homeowner are the classic for 2022.

This includes brightly colored exterior walls (pastels and forest greens are gaining popularity), colorful roofs as well as accent walls! For the less daring individuals, neutral exteriors with bright accents in the doors and windows have also become an ongoing trend. Colorful roofs, especially, have become increasingly popular. However, it is important that they are kept clean and the gutters alongside are not clogged. You can seek a professional to help you with all your gutter cleaning and installation issues- just click here!

Using lightning to add these colorful accents is also becoming a new (and slightly futuristic) way of adding colors if you do not want to commit to painting. Just use colorful lights below or above your windows and doors to add the element of color that is missing from your home exterior design.

Natural textures and colors

Nature has been the main theme in a lot of interior design trends this year and it is no surprise that this natural element has also manifested itself in exterior design. This can be owed to the widespread realization of how impactful our habits are towards the environment and that we need to be more sustainable. Along with the need to turn eco-friendly, there has also been a rise in reusing and recycling- as well as using ethically sourced labor. All of this has translated into the popularity of natural textures and colors for exterior designs- we are talking deep greens and blues, flora surrounding landscapes as well as the use of wood, cement, and other organic materials for building and decoration of the exteriors.

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