4 Reasons You Should Try The New Game Ready Ice Machine For Post-game Recovery!

4 Reasons You Should Try The New Game Ready Ice Machine For Post-game Recovery!

If you are a heart training athlete who’s always looking to spend as little time on the recovery bench and more time on the field, court, trail, and more, then there is very little doubt that you could benefit from the use of cold therapy to reduce inflammation and relieve post-exercise pain.

Cold therapy used to mean just putting a homemade ice pack on your knees, but now the technology has reached new heights.

These days, the preferred method of cold therapy is done with a highly specialized ice machine such as the game-ready ice machine from Source Fitness. But what are the top 4 reasons to try this incredible recovery tool?

Let’s break them all down together.

They Encourage Quick Recovery

One of the most important reasons to use cold therapy after strenuous exercise is because it quickens the pace of recovery. The reason why is because cold therapy is great at reducing pain thanks to its ability to manage swelling and inflammation around any affected area. Whether you experience pain in your knees, your ankles, or anywhere else in your body. This nice machine can help deliver consistent cold therapy for hours.

They Rejuvenate Muscles 

Another great reason to use cold therapy if you are a passionate athlete is that this type of physical therapy helps rejuvenate muscles. It does this by helping overworked muscles to repair themselves in less time. In fact, it is believed that cold therapy can help reduce the form of muscle pain by 80%. This means that you can get off the recovery table faster and get back into the gym to continue perfecting your craft.

They Can Help Many Different Parts of the Body 

Because the game-ready ice machine can be purchased along with many different kinds of wraps and braces, you can use the one machine to treat many different kinds of post-game recovery. Whether you have issues with your knees, your shoulders, your feet, and more, you will be able to utilize this fabulous tool to feel better or faster.

No More Filling up Plastic Bags with Ice

One of the main reasons why athletes don’t utilize the power of cold therapy as much as they should it’s because the old-fashioned process is downright cumbersome. Constantly having to fill up a plastic bag with ice, or refreezing a reusable chemical ice bag takes lots of time. Also energy and forces you to move around quite a bit when you should otherwise just be resting. In contrast, ice machines allow you to sit and rest your sore muscles. And joints for hours while the machine does all the hard work in delivering chilled water or solid ice to the affected area of your body.

Now that you know some of the most important things to know about the game-ready ice machine, it’s time for you to start doing your research to figure out whether or not this tool could help you reduce your recovery time and improve your skill.

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