4 Reasons Why Government Is Implementing  FASTag Cards

4 Reasons Why Government Is Implementing FASTag Cards

In recent times, idea of the Electronic Toll Collection has been gaining huge popularity among people due to its various advantages over the traditional, manual way of toll collection. From the consumer end, this system saves fuel and time and thus proves to be effective. But the implementation of the system is mainly done by the government. Without appropriate reasons and arguments to match with the actions, the government does not blindly take up a task. What are those reasons that convince the government to implement FASTag cards?

The four major reasons that add glory to the implementation of FASTag cards are:

  • Very less time consumption
  • Reduced money expenditure
  • Easy theft identification
  • Easy outliers identification

Anyone travelling on the highways would know how frustrating it is, waiting in the long queues on road under the scorching sun to pay the toll fee. The introduction of the electronic toll system has now made the time consumption in tolls far lesser, thus letting people make time for other valuable things in life. The manual method of toll collection indeed takes a lot more time, as the machine just reads the encrypted code on the FASTags just as vehicles moves, rather than making the vehicle stop to pay the toll fee. You can easily recharge FASTag online.

The introduction of this system has not only lessened the time spent on road, but also has constricted the amount of money spent. The eviction of manual labour from this system means that there need not be funds held for the salary pay. This means, the expenditure from the government side is reduced. The reduction in this expenditure, would eventually affect the rates of the toll fee as the fee is framed keeping in mind the expenditure. Thus, toll fee also reduce, reducing the expenditure from the user side.

With this system implemented, vehicle thefts can easily be identified. When a vehicle enters the range of sight of the RFID reader, the reader reads the code on the tag and checks the number plate. It scans through the lost vehicle directory, to confirm the vehicle is authorised. If the vehicle is found to be stolen, or misused, the software directly sends a message to the server and the owner of the vehicle, so as to notify them the location of the vehicle. Only after the check is complete and the result says the vehicle is authorised does the system deduct money from the owner’s account.

Incorporated with the FASTags, these vehicles can be easily identified if found breaking traffic rules or breaking traffic signals by retrieving the information about the owner from the database with just a picture of the number plate captured by the traffic camera.

These are the 4 main reasons for the government to implement FASTag cards.

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