4 GogoPDF Features for Your PDF File Needs

4 GogoPDF Features for Your PDF File Needs

In a world where complexity is commonplace, every person craves something not only accessible but also efficient and highly convenient. As one of the world’s best file converters and editors, GogoPDF offers accessible, timely, and efficient services.

With GogoPDF, switching to other file conversion websites to perform a specific task is a thing of the past. Offering many services in just one website, GogoPDF is a one-stop-shop for anything related to converting, editing, and repairing files. With that, here are some tools from GogoPDF that will undoubtedly make your life easier.

1. Repair PDF

Sometimes, PDF files can get corrupted and can have essential elements such as images, text, and headers damaged. GogoPDF’s repair PDF file tool is guaranteed to be a big help when it comes to problems such as these as it repairs and restores your PDF file to its original form, making it a valuable tool crucial for maintaining PDF files.

To repair a PDF file using GogoPDF, you must first drop your file into the designated section in GogoPDF’s repair PDF page or directly select your file from a folder. After doing so, all you have to do is wait for the repair to finish. When it has been repaired, you are now free to enjoy your repaired and improved PDF file by downloading it or sharing it with others through a link.

2. Compress PDF

GogoPDF’s compress PDF tool enables its users to make the file size of a PDF document smaller to guarantee a seamless file sharing and downloading experience. An essential tool for sharing PDF files that take up lots of space, the Compress PDF tool is a valuable asset for anyone and everyone. Compressing PDF files cannot be any easier than using GogoPDF’s Compress PDF tool.

Like the Repair PDF tool, you can either drop your file onto the designated section or select it from one of your file folders. Once this step has been completed, wait for the PDF file to be compressed. This process can sometimes take a few minutes. Once the compression is finished, you are free to download the file or share it with others.

3. PDF Editor

Granting its users the ability to add or remove both images and text from a PDF file, the PDF Editor tool from GogoPDF is just as essential and convenient as the other tools mentioned in this list. The PDF Editor tool comes in clutch whenever the need to directly edit a PDF file arises and is exceptionally straightforward to use.

To begin the editing process, select or drop a file into the designated area. Once the file has been uploaded, you are now free to make any changes you want to the PDF file, like adding or deleting text and images. Once you’re content with the changes you have made, navigate to the top right section of the page. You can choose to print, share a link, or download your PDF file, thus finishing the process.

4. PDF Converter

A primary tool that must be present in every conversion website, the PDF Converter tool of GogoPDF enables its users to convert any file, whether PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or JPG, to PDF. This versatility, paired with GogoPDF’s intuitive and streamlined user interface, makes the conversion of different file formats to PDF straightforward and easy to do.

To convert a file to PDF, you must drop a file into the designated section or select a file from your file folders. Once the file has been selected, GogoPDF will start scanning the document. After a few moments, the PDF converter will copy the formatting and text from your document. It will be converted to the desired file format. After this, you can now download and share your file with others.

5. Why Use GogoPDF?

If there are lots of file conversion websites out there, why use GogoPDF? Firstly, GogoPDF offers a wide variety of services. Because GogoPDF caters to lots of needs, you need not seek another file conversion website that may not have as many services and functions. Secondly, all of GogoPDF’s tools are not locked behind a paywall, enabling all users to access them.

Not only does GogoPDF offer lots of services for free, but it also guarantees user privacy by deleting all files that were uploaded to its servers within an hour. Along with GogoPDF’s organized user interface, these features make it one of the best websites you can turn to for file conversion, editing and repairing.


In today’s increasingly complex and demanding world, a break from complexity is much needed. GogoPDF provides its users with an easier working experience while maintaining the same level of productivity, making it one of the best file conversion websites anyone can get their hands on.

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