Wear Your Kicks Right: How To Lace Jordan 1’s

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Jordans are the most sought-after shoes in the world. Since The GOAT first stepped on a professional basketball court, his shoes have been the most sought-after commodity in footwear. Perhaps no Jordan shoe is more popular and highly regarded than the Jordan 1.

However, as cool as the Jordan 1 is, their impact will not be as significant if you don’t know how to wear them properly. Continue reading the article below to learn how to lace Jordan 1’s correctly.

Untied Styles

The Casual Loose Style

As per the title, this method is used for wearing your Jordan 1’s on casual occasions, like at school or get-togethers. It should be no surprise then that this is the most popular method for lacing up Jordans. For this style, you will want shorter laces than those that come in the box. The standard lace for Jordan 1’s is seventy-two inches, and you’ll want to purchase sixty-three-inch laces to achieve this look.

As you pass the lace-up of the eyelets, you’ll want to make sure they are loose in each layer, and when you reach the top, you will want to leave the last two eyelets untouched. The Laces will then protrude out from the side of the shoes. That’s why you need to use shorter laces, so you don’t have too much excess.

The Show Off Style

This is almost identical to the style above, except you will want to lace your Jordan 1’s to the final eyelets. This is an excellent style if you’re going to show off every facet of your shoe, especially if your laces’ color balance and Jordan 1’s work well together.

The Skater Style

This style is popular among skaters because while it is untied, it still provides a tight fit. Unlike the previous two styles, you’ll want to make sure each layer is tight and snug. However, this time you will only lace-up halfway across the shoe, then wrap the laces around the tongue and tuck them inside.

Tied Up Styles

Skater Style 2.0

This style is almost identical to the skater style, hence the name, but instead of wrapping the laces on the lip, you will tie the knot of your choice and leave it be. Lace code will help you in identifying the shoe to which it should be tied up.

Athletic Style

Believe it or not, Jordan 1’s are basketball shoes meaning they were built with exercise. This style will be your go-to if you plan on playing a game of basketball, doing any form of rapid movements, or just want a tighter fit. Simply place the shoe to the top eyelets and tie it with the knot of your choice.

A Perfectly Laced Jordan 1 Can’t Be Beat

Jordan 1’s are iconic for a reason; they are stylish and obviously, perform well on the court. With hundreds of variations of shoes available on the market, it is easier than ever to get your hands on a pair. And now you should know how to lace them up properly to get the look you want

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