Fun Or Productive Things To Do When Your Transport Is Delayed


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Whether you’re waiting to catch a bus, a plane, or a train, delays are an infuriating event that can really sour your day. Unfortunately, delays aren’t really something you can avoid as you usually rely on others, whether a driver, pilot, or airline staff, to keep to their schedule. Oftentimes though, it isn’t even the fault of these people, and delays end up being caused by some unexpected event such as bad weather, accidents, or technical difficulties. Coping with a delay isn’t always easy, but it’s simply something you’re going to have to do. To help, you should find something either productive or fun that can take your mind off the delay. Here are some suggestions that you could try to make this wait much better.

Get Some Work Done

Starting with something productive, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and you have access to a device that can facilitate your work, you might as well spend some time getting some important tasks done. Delays aren’t always avoidable, and sometimes you’ll just have to make do with the cards you’re dealt. If you’re heading to work, contact your employer to let them know you’ll be late and also inform them of any work you might be doing during the delay. Doing your work can be a good distraction, helping the time to pass by much faster, and will also help to alleviate some of the stress you might experience from being late for work.

Make A To-Do List

If work is out of the question due to device or location constraints, you could try doing some planning instead. For a start, this planning could entail getting your work affairs in order, better preparing you to hit the ground running once you make it to the office. If you don’t have work to do and are simply delayed for a recreational purpose, you could still do some planning. You could lay out what you’ll be doing during your trip. For example, if your plane has been delayed for your holiday, you can put together or revise a travel itinerary. Not only will this be a productive use of your time, but it can also reignite the hype of taking a vacation for both you and those you might be traveling with.

Play Some Games

Sometimes when you experience a delay, the stress can be too much for you to focus on being productive. This is entirely understandable, especially if you’re heading away on vacation. In these instances, most of us don’t really want to spend time doing productive tasks as we would have been psyching ourselves up to being in holiday mode. At times like this, you are probably better off doing something fun like playing a game of some kind. You’ll find access to countless games via your phone’s designated app store, and you can also find some exciting games via your browser too. For example, you could find an online casino to play fun games like live table games or slots, potentially winning you some money in the process. Just remember to stop playing once it stops being fun and be conscious of what you’re spending. You can find a number of welcome bonuses to help reduce that spending with the help of free slot spins and deposit bonuses too. Check out these bonuses via online casinos.

Enquire About Reimbursement

Certain airlines and travel companies will offer passengers some form of reimbursement after suffering a severe delay. This might come in the form of a simple refund for your ticket or even a discount on future tickets. Get in touch with the relevant travel authority to find out what you might be entitled to. Of course, it’s worth noting that if you’re only delayed for a short amount of time, getting any form of reimbursement will be tough and likely won’t be worth pursuing. However, if you’re experiencing a significant delay, such as four hours when waiting for a flight, this can scupper your future plans and can often warrant some kind of compensation from the airline.

Read A Book

Taking some time out to relax during a stressful time like this isn’t easy, but one way in which people manage to switch off a bit is by picking up a book and getting lost in a good fictional story. Whether you prefer fantasy, romance, horror, or sci-fi, reading can be a perfect way to transport yourself away from the stresses of the world, if only temporarily. When you’re delayed at a major train station or an airport, you will likely be able to find somewhere that sells books too. This could be a good opportunity to go for a browse and find something perfect to while away the hours during your delay.

Try Meditation

If you’re looking for a more dedicated way to relax, you could try out some meditation. Of course, we’re not suggesting you whip out a yoga mat and sit cross-legged in the middle of the airport terminal. You can practice meditation without anyone around you knowing that you’re meditating. Meditation is simply the act of relaxation and calming your mind. It may be difficult at first, especially in a busy place like a train station or airport. However, after following some meditation tips and with a bit of focus and practice, you’ll be able to quieten your mind and let time pass you by even in the busiest of spaces.

Find A New Podcast

Another way in which you can pass the time may be one of the best options. Podcasts provide us with entertainment in many different forms. Whether you’re looking for some chilling ghost stories, true crime tales, or discussions on your favorite topics, there is a podcast out there for you. This could be the best time to catch up on some of your current podcasts, especially if you have a few hours of time to kill, or alternatively, you could find a brand-new podcast to sink your teeth into. Podcasts can simulate a conversation with your friends and have been said to help people cope with loneliness too. They also help to block out the real world, which is especially helpful if you’re feeling stressed out in a busy space.

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