Can You Play Card Games With More Than 5 Players? Read to Know More


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Card games are one of the most famous and loved pass time games played all over the world. In general, card games are played when people meet each other after a long time like family functions, marriage or any other celebration moments. If you are thinking about playing card games together in a group and you do not know which card games can be played in a group of more than 5 people, then here you will find card games that can be played with more than five people together.

There are lots of card games like Russian rummy card games that can be played with more than 5 players both offline and online. In today’s digital world, people prefer to play games online. There are lots of gaming platforms like Mcgamer, Gamezop, Zapmeta, Getmega, Vip games, etc who provide the best gaming experience online. Here are some of the card games that you can enjoy playing in a group of friends and family with more than 5 members.

Best Card Games With More Than 5 Players:

On holidays, lots of people prefer to visit their family members or loved ones to spend time together. Many people prefer to play card games together with family members to have fun and pass time. There are so many card games that can be played with all age categories. If you have a group with more than 5 members who want to play card games together, then you can choose to play any of the following card games.

1. Napoleon Card Game:

Napoleon card game is also known as Nap in many places. The game rules are very simple and fun to play within a group of people. Each player needs to deal with 5 cards. It is played with 1 deck of cards that is 52 cards. At the beginning of the game, the dealer shuffles the cards and a player needs to cut the pack of cards in half. Then the dealer distributes 5 cards to each player in an anticlockwise manner. In this game, Ace has the highest points and other cards are from low to high. The highest trump cardholder at the end will be declared the winner.

2. Slap Jack:

This game can be played with a minimum of four players and a maximum of 10 players. Anyone of any age can play this game and have fun. The simple rules and concepts make this game more interesting. The primary goal is to collect all the cards to win the game. Every player needs to sit in a circle and then play the cards in a clockwise manner. When a player’s turn comes, he or she needs to pick a card from the pile of cards placed in the center face-down. When a Jack card comes, a player needs to slap and cover the card and the player who slaps the card first will take all the cards face-up. The first person to get all the cards will win the game.

3. Play or Pay:

This game involves a little betting but any age of people can play this game. You can bet money, chocolate, or anything that gives you more fun. This game will give you a small essence of a poker card game. All players need to place the bet to start the game. The player who gets rid of all points cards first or completes the sets will be called the winner. Other rules are as simple as rummy. You can also play this game online and win real money on online gaming platforms like Getmega.

4. Rummy:

There are lots of versions of rummy games but one of the most popular rummy card games is Russian rummy card games. Russian rummy is another version of the contract rummy card game. It is very simple to understand and play. In the Russian rummy game, 13 cards were distributed among the players and it was necessary to take all 12 hands to win. In this game, joker cards are also included. It is played with 2 decks of cards among all the players. Like other rummy games, players can take cards from the face-up cards or face-down cards placed in the middle of the table. To win the game, a player needs to place down all the cards at the same time to complete other players’ sets. Wild cards cannot be replaced by the same player. This game includes a little focus and strategies. A player can end a Russian rummy game when he or she gets rid of his or her last card.


There are many more card games available that can be played with more than 5 people. Card games are fun to play with friends and family. But card games like Russian rummy require more focus and attention. If you don’t have any group to play with, then you can always play different games online with real people on gaming platforms like Getmega. Here you can play games and win real money online. It also provides the best tips and suggestions to win games and be in the top position of the leaderboard.

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